Greece & Italy

The Route
  • Chania
  • Athens
  • Zakynthos
  • Ancona
  • Rome
  • Pisa
  • Siena
  • Florence
  • Verona
  • Venice

14 Nights / 15 Days

Group Size

Between 5-20 people


12 nights in top-rated hostels and 2 nights in a 4-bed night ferry sleeper.


Unmissable activities included for every city on the route as well as a library of incredible optional extras to choose from.

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This trip only creates 220.2 kg of carbon emissions! To fly the same route would cost 1112.6 ♻️

Route Map

Trip Style

Our Greece & Italy 2020 route is a fast-paced tour of some of two of the world’s most awe-inspiring destinations. Experience authentic European backpacking, travelling with a small group of likeminded people, staying in hostels and travelling on public transport with an experienced guide.

You’ll have between one and three nights in each city, making this the ultimate fast-paced tour of some of Europe’s best. With unmissable included activities and an exciting library of optional excursions as well as plenty of opportunities for self-guided exploring, this is the ultimate way to experience all that this amazing region has to offer.

Travelling with you throughout, your tour leader will ensure your trip goes smoothly; making sure you arrive in each destination safely. They’ll also co-ordinate essential and optional activities such as walking tours and pub crawls- not to mention making sure you’ve got a cold beer waiting for you upon arrival in each hostel. 

Euroventure take all the stress out of travelling so that you’re free to relax and enjoy your trip!


greece backpacking tour

Chania (2 Nights)

Kick off your tour in stunning Chania! Often referred to as ‘the Cretan soul’, it’s easy to fall in love with this coastal town’s sapphire waters, twisting cobbled streets and bustling waterfront restaurants. Meet your Euroventure tour leader and head out to explore whilst the rest of your group arrives. Later on, head for an evening of traditional Cretan food, drinks, and music by the waterfront at Chalkina restaurant.

The next day, opt to go on a boat cruise to the jaw-dropping Balos Lagoon and Gramvousa from the nearby Kissamos Port. Spend the day swimming in the crystal-clear waters before heading back to Chania to enjoy some free time to explore. Why not grab an optional ticket to the Attikon outdoor cinema to see a blockbuster film, or watch something a bit more cultural at the Kipos showing in the National Garden. Then, head to Daliani Street for pubs and bars.

On your last day, start with some free time to explore either alone or with your group. Try local cuisines at the Agora food market or visit a local bakery for some traditional Greek bougatsa before heading for your night ferry to Athens.

Chania Guides

    • Included: Chalkina Restaurant
    • Optional: Balos and Gramvousa
    • Optional: Elafonisi Beach
    • Suggestion: Listen to live Cretan music in Chalkina in the Old Port or Adespoto
    • Suggestion: Daliani Street for typical pubs and bars
    • Suggestion: Visit Agora local food market

view of the city of Athens under lightning bolts during the night

Athens (1 Night)

Athens is one of Greece’s most popular destinations for a reason- a hotspot for culture, history and traditional art, this is a city that should be on any explorer’s bucket list.

Your first morning in the city starts with some free time to explore. Head out and take in some of the capital’s vibrant street art, walk around Syntagma square and see Evzones Acropolis. Next, meet the rest of your group for an included tour of Acropolis and the Parthenon- two of Greece’s most treasured landmarks, before heading out for more free time in the afternoon. Grab a bite with a view on Apostolou Pavlou Street, walk to the top of Filopappou Hill for stunning sunset vistas or head for drinks and live music at Kapnikarea or A for Athens Bar

The next day, get an early start to head to your next Greek location, Zakynthos!

Athens Guides

  • Included: Acropolis & Museum
  • Optional: Athens Pub Crawl
  • Suggestion: Visit Syntagma Square, the Parliament and the Evzones Acropolis
  • Suggestion: Check out the Graffiti street art around the city
  • Suggestion: Head to Apostolou Pavlou Street to eat overlooking the acropolis or try typical Greek food at Iliostasio Thisio on Herakleidon Street 
  • Suggestion: Visit Monastiraki Square + Filopappou Hill 
  • Suggestion: Visit Kapnikarea on Christopoulou street for live music sessions
  • Suggestion: A for Athens rooftop bar 

aerial view of a beach with a shipwreck on the sand and boats in the sea

Zakynthos (2 Nights)

Zakynthos, home to the world-famous Zante town, is an exciting blend of world-class nightlife, ancient culture, and golden sandy beaches. With so much to see and do, this is the perfect place to finish off your whirlwind tour around one of Europe’s most incredible countries. 

Your first day begins with free time to explore or spend time with your travel group at the hostel. If you want to head out, we recommend walking around Zante Town to familiarise yourself before heading up to Bohali Castle for a jaw-dropping view of the Greek coastline. 

Early the next day, head out as a group to see the jaw-dropping Shipwreck of Navagio Beach. Photographers- this may well be one of your favourite stops of the tour. White sand beaches and perfect-blue waters play host to an incredible abandoned Freightliner which makes for some amazing snaps. Later that evening, get ready to lap up the nightlife of Zante town on an included bar and club crawl, with each destination informed by a local guide.

The next day, you’ll take a short bus to Patras before taking a night ferry to Ancona- your first stop in Italy!

Zakynthos Guides

  • Included: Shipwreck of Navagio Beach
  • Included: Euroventure Zante Pub Crawl 
  • Suggestion: Walk around Zante Town & Bohali Castle

colourful houses on each side of canal with boats docked along both sides


Benvenuto in Italia! You’ll touch down in the quaint town of Ancona. Head out and stretch your legs around the city centre to get your first taste of Italy before getting your train to Rome later that evening. Grab some snacks and sit in Parco Della Cittadella di Ancona or marvel at the town’s many churches and cathedrals. 

Ancona Guides

  • Suggestion: Stroll around Ancona’s beautiful centre

Colosseum in Rome at night

Rome (3 Nights)

Rome is not only one of Italy’s most sought-after destinations, but one of the most important and culturally rich cities the country has to offer. Start your day with a relaxed stroll through the city, taking in the Colosseum, the ruins of the Foro Romano, Piazza Venezia with the Altare Della Patria, Via del Corso, Trevi Fountain, Navona Square and Castel Sant’Angelo whilst the rest of the Italy Group Tour arrive. You then have the option to book on to an optional pizza cooking class and lunch to test your hand at preparing one of Italy’s most famous dishes!

After the new additions to your travel group arrive, take some free time to get to know them whilst walking around the vibrant Trastevere neighborhood, climbing the hills of Gianicolo Park before the ever-popular Colosseum Pub Crawl that evening. 

The next morning you will visit the world-famous Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine to soak up some culture and explore some of Italy’s most incredible landmarks. Then, why not head to the Vatican City, the world’s smallest country and the home of the Pope? The Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museums and more await you inside. The rest of that day is completely up to you! Continue to explore the city’s bars, restaurants, and parks or book onto an optional street food tour with a local guide before leaving the city the next day.

Rome Guides

  • Included: Colosseum Roman Forum & Palatine
  • Optional: Pizza Cooking Class
  • Optional: St Peter’s Basilica
  • Optional: Vatican & Sistine Chapel
  • Optional: Rome Pub Crawl
  • Suggestion: Try real Italian coffee, ice-cream, and pizza
  • Suggestion: Take a long walk through Colosseum, the ruins of the Foro Romano, Via del Corso and the Trevi Fountain
  • Suggestion: Go for a walk in the Trastevere neighbourhood and climb the Gianicolo Park overlooking Rome



The next day is jam-packed with things to see and do as you leave Rome and head onwards to Florence. First stop- Siena, an authentic taste of Italian life outside of the major cities, enjoy your free time here in Piazza del Campo, the town’s main square, marvel at Siena Cathedral and walk around the old town.

Siena Guides

  • Suggestion: Piazza del Campo, Siena Cathedral and walk around the old town

tourists in front of the leaning Tower of Pisa


Next stop, Pisa! Visit the famous leaning tower and get the mandatory tourist snaps of you propping it back up before enjoying some free time to head out and try local delicacies. We recommend eating at one of the city’s many street food vendors.

One final train journey for the day and you’ll arrive at your next stopover destination. Steak lovers- this is one that will really excite you.

Pisa Guides

  • Included: Leaning Tower of Pisa visit
  • Suggestion: Grab some street food at one of the town’s many vendors


Florence (2 Nights)

Ah, Florence. Home to intricate architecture, winding streets and mouth-watering steaks, the capital of the Tuscany region does not disappoint. No matter what your interests, this is a city that will have something for you.

Spend time walking the city’s cobbled streets, marvel at the stunning architecture and ponder the artwork the city is so famous for.  Your time in Tuscany is not complete without seeing its capital!

We recommend strolling Florence Cathedral, Piazza Della Signoria (try to find the Michelangelo face), Ponte Vecchio and the Porcellino Fountain being sure to touch the nose for good luck. Want to kick off your time here with some activities? Book on to optional trips to marvel at the artwork of the Uffizi Museum or have a picnic in the charming Boboli Gardens.

Florence Guides

  • Optional: Duomo di Firenze
  • Optional: Boboli Gardens & Queue Skip
  • Optional: Uffizi Gallery, Palazzo Pitti & Boboli Gardens: Skip The Line
  • Suggestion: See Michelangelo’s statue of David
  • Suggestion: Explore countless Renaissance chapels and churches
  • Suggestion: Eat any number of flavours of exquisite ice-cream
  • Suggestion: Marvel at Florence Cathedral
  • Suggestion: Try to find Michelangelo’s face at Piazza Della Signoria 
  • Suggestion: Check out the Pig Fountain and touch the snout for good luck 

the romeo and juliet balcony in verona italy


Your next stop will be Verona, the setting of Shakespeare’s masterpiece, Romeo and Juliet.

Arrive in the city mid-morning with a chance to explore Piazza Erbe before Climbing the Lamberti Tower with the rest of your group to enjoy the view. Then, walk to the House of Juliette to touch the statue of Juliet’s breast (it’s for good luck, we promise) taking pictures from the famous balcony before walking along Castelvecchio.

Verona Guides

  • Suggestion: House of Juliet
  • Suggestion: Visit Piazza Bra, the Arena or Piazza Erbe for a break with an aperitivo

group of people on a gondola in venice

Venice (2 Nights)

On to our final Italian destination of the tour- Venice! Known for its twisting waterways, picturesque sunsets, and unique culture, this is one of our most popular destinations- and it’s easy to see why! 

Spend your first evening here with some free time to walk the Grand Canal. Venice’s main waterway looks spectacular at night, so why not grab some gelato and spend time watching the lights of the many boats that pass.

Your first full day begins with some time to hit any of the sights you didn’t get to the evening before. Why not head to St. Mark’s Square and take a look at the stunning architecture? Or, wander the twisting canals and waterways that the city is built upon. 

That evening, you’ll take an included tour of the canals on one of the city’s famous Gondolas. This is a quintessentially Venetian mode of transport and gives a completely different perspective on the city.

That evening, say goodbye to the other group tour members with a farewell party and pub crawl at ANDA Hostel before you depart the following morning.

Venice Guides

  • Included: Gondola Ride
  • Included: Murano, Burano & Torcello Islands
  • Optional: Venice Pub Crawl

What's Included?

  • All overland and night ferry transport tickets from the first to the last city, as shown in the key.
  • Accommodation in top-rated, centrally located hostels or hotels, tested by us.
  • Walking directions between the stations and your booked accommodation.
  • Unmissable included activities.
  • Free time to either explore with the rest of your group or alone.
  • Optional activities suggested by local guides.
  • A personalised travel booklet with maps, language guides, top tips, and more.
  • Peace of mind with alternative travel included if there is a strike or similar disruption.
  • Access to our 24hr emergency phone number while you’re away.

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