Western Europe

The Route
  • Venice
  • Rome
  • Pisa
  • Florence
  • Nice
  • Barcelona
  • Paris
  • London

14 nights/ 15 Days

Group Size & Age Range

Between 5-20 people aged 18-35


14 Nights in top-rated hostels


Unmissable activities included for most cities on the route as well as a library of incredible optional extras to choose from.

580 Reviews

This trip only creates 87 kg of carbon emissions! To fly the same route would cost 819 ♻️

Route Map

Euroventure Western Europe Group Tour

Trip Style

Our group trips are the perfect way to explore Europe in a safe, sociable and authentic way. Travel with your group and tour leader via public transport and stay in top-rated local hostels. There’ll be several unmissable activities which are included in your price – but there will also be other optional activities on offer. We’ve also included a few free days throughout your trip, so that you can chill out and do whatever you fancy!

Your tour leader will be an experienced traveller who has spent time in all of the cities on your route, making them the perfect guide to the fantastic destinations you’ll visit.


From Venice’s winding canals to the awe-inspiring architecture of the Eiffel Tower, our Western Europe group tour is a 2-week deep dive into Europe’s most amazing destinations.

You’ll have up to three nights in each place, allowing you plenty of time to explore all of the historic sights, beaches and nightlife. On top of this, there is also an unmissable included activity in most cities. Tried and tested by our Euroventure travel experts and informed by local guides, these are some of the most unique and exciting things to do in each location. And, for those who want to really see what a city has to offer, we also offer a library of optional extras– showcasing some of the most authentic experiences available in each destination. 

Throughout the trip you’ll get plenty of free time to explore at your own pace, taking in the sights either alone or with your group. You’ll also have the support of a dedicated tour leader who is experienced in travelling the destinations you will visit to give you a real insider’s view of the place you’re staying.

group of people on a gondola in venice

Venice (2 Nights)

One of Europe’s most wanderlust-inspiring destinations, Venice certainly lives up to the expectations! Once your group have arrived in Italy’s most unique city, you’ll also be able to visit the fairytale islands of Burano and Murano, where the canals are lined with vibrant multi-colored houses.  

Venice Guides

  • Included: Murano, Burano & Torcello Islands
  • Suggestion: Walk around the city – seeing the Grand Canal, Venetian Ghetto, Bridge of Sighs, St Mark’s Square and the Ponte Rialto

Colosseum in Rome at night

Rome (2 Nights)

Next,  you’ll head to Rome, one of Italy’s most popular and culturally rich destinations. 

Included in the price of your trip is admission to the world-famous Colosseum and Roman Forum; the now dis-used amphitheatre and meeting-place where people would gather to socialise and watch live events such as chariot racing and gladiator fighting.

In addition to this (and perhaps a little lighter) there are some great optional activities to take advantage of in Rome. Why not take a free walking tour of the city and discover see Rome through the eyes of a local? Or visit the Vatican City, the world’s smallest country at only 0.5 kilometers squared!

Rome Guides

  • Included: Colosseum Roman Forum & Palatine
  • Optional: St Peter’s Basilica
  • Optional: Vatican & Sistine Chapel
  • Optional: Rome Pub Crawl
  • Suggestion: Try real Italian coffee, ice-cream, and pizza
  • Suggestion: Go for a walk in the Trastevere neighbourhood and climb the Gianicolo Park overlooking Rome

tourists in front of the leaning Tower of Pisa


Next stop, Pisa! Visit the famous leaning tower and get the mandatory tourist snaps of you propping it back up before enjoying some free time to head out and try local delicacies. We recommend eating at one of the city’s many street food vendors.

One final train journey for the day and you’ll arrive at your next stopover destination. Steak lovers- this is one that will really excite you.

Pisa Guides

  • Included: Leaning Tower of Pisa visit
  • Suggestion: Grab some street food at one of the town’s many vendors


Florence (2 Nights)

Ah, Florence. Home to intricate architecture, winding streets and mouth-watering steaks, the capital of the Tuscany region does not disappoint. No matter what your interests, this is a city that will have something for you.

Spend time walking the city’s cobbled streets, marvel at the stunning architecture and ponder the artwork the city is so famous for.  Your time in Tuscany is not complete without seeing its capital!

We recommend strolling Florence Cathedral, Piazza Della Signoria (try to find the Michelangelo face), Ponte Vecchio and the Porcellino Fountain being sure to touch the nose for good luck. Want to kick off your time here with some activities? Book on to optional trips to marvel at the artwork of the Uffizi Museum or have a picnic in the charming Boboli Gardens.


Florence Guides

  • Optional: Duomo di Firenze
  • Optional: Boboli Gardens & Queue Skip
  • Optional: Uffizi Gallery, Palazzo Pitti & Boboli Gardens: Skip The Line
  • Suggestion: See Michelangelo’s statue of David
  • Suggestion: Explore countless Renaissance chapels and churches
  • Suggestion: Eat any number of flavours of exquisite ice-cream
  • Suggestion: Marvel at Florence Cathedral
  • Suggestion: Try to find Michelangelo’s face at Piazza Della Signoria 
  • Suggestion: Check out the Pig Fountain and touch the snout for good luck 

the harbour in nice with all of the colourful houses

Nice (3 Nights)

Nice is effortlessly charming, with French Riviera sophistication and some of the best food and wine in Europe.

Check out the quirky art museums, laze on the star-studded beaches, or take a trip to Monaco or Cannes from here- Nice the glitzy location to be seen at!

For your included activity in this sun kissed city, you’ll take to the temperate waters of the Mediterranean Sea for a guided scuba diving trip. Spend the morning playing amongst the fishes and coral before heading to your next destination.

Nice Guides

  • Included: Scuba Diving excursion in the Mediterranean or take a day trip to Monaco
  • See the sunset from the Promenade des Anglais


Barcelona (3 Nights)

It may not be the capital city, but Barcelona sure is one of Spain’s main cultural hubs and is definitely not one to miss! Home to amazing art, surreal architecture, and vibrant Catalan culture, you won’t be surprised to find that the nightlife and foodie scenes are just as incredible.

Spend time wandering the city’s many tourist hotspots, check out the bustling markets of La Rambla and soak up the sun on Barceloneta Beach!

Barcelona Guides

  • Included: See the Sagrada Familia
  • Optional: Parc Guell
  • Optional: Tapas Experience
  • Suggestion: See the Picasso Museum in the Gothic Quarter
  • Suggestion: Try some delicious local tapas
  • Suggestion: Crawl the bars around Las Ramblas

a river in paris with a boat on it

Paris (2 Nights)

Paris is a byword for romance, a synonym for style, and the epitome of elegance. The pride of France and one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Paris needs little introduction, from the Eiffel Tower to the Pont Neuf, it bedazzles visitors and oozes charisma at every turn.

As you would expect, Paris is a great destination for any foodies out there. Are you brave enough to tackle a serving of frog’s legs or escargot? Or will you play it safe with baguettes and crêpes? No matter how adventurous you’re feeling, the food in this city is delicious!

Paris Guides

  • Included: See the sunset over the Eiffel Tower (and your trip!) with tickets to the Arc de Triomphe 
  • Optional: Montparnasse Tower
  • Suggestion: See the Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum
  • Suggestion: Watch a cabaret act at the famous Moulin Rouge

couple taking a selfie in front of the Tower of London


Arrive in London around lunchtime. Either finish your journey here, or continue your onward journey home to your nearest UK station.

London Guides

  • Toast your new friends with a quick drink before saying your goodbyes… For now!

What's Included?

  • Any Interrail or Eurail passes if required, based on the best value for you
  • Seat reservations on high-speed rail and night trains
  • Accommodation in top-rated, centrally located hostels tested by us
  • Tons of essential activities, such as tours, day trips, and historic sights
  • Breakfast in some hostels (depending on availability)
  • Free arrival drink in every hostel with a bar
  • Transfers to and from the hostel and included activities by public transport
  • The option to do additional walking tours, pub crawls and other activities
  • Peace of mind with alternative travel included if there is a strike or similar disruption
  • A Tour Leader to travel with you and coordinate your trip throughout

Questions & Answers

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What makes your Euroventure Group Tours different?
Great question! It's all about the travel style. We are a small company run by enthusiastic and experienced travellers - we think this is reflected in our tours. You'll travel in small groups of between 4 and 20, with a Euroventure leader. Your tour leader will be with you throughout, making sure you get on the right trains/busses, get to your hostels safely and making sure everyone's having an awesome time. You'll travel by public transport, either by coach or train, rather than using private transfers. We run all our tours this way - it's better for the environment and a more authentic experience for you. The welcome drinks and included activities in each place bring the group together, but you also have plenty of time to do your own thing too. Different groups have different dynamics, but we often go sightseeing, for dinner and on nights out together.
What sort of people book on to the Europe Group Tours?
People like you who love to travel! From first time travellers to people who have travelled extensively before (including many of our past customers). We have a higher proportion of females than males and more single travellers than couples or groups. But as long as you want to travel and like the social aspect of being with other people then you will fit in just fine! Our staff are an inclusive and friendly bunch of people, and your tour leader will do their best to help the group get to know each other at the start of the tour.
How do I pay for a group tour?
You can book and pay online from the package page with either a £50 deposit per person or in full. We will then send you a booking summary confirming your booking. If you have not paid in full your booking summary will contain a link for you to pay the remainder balance (at least 90 days before departure). Alternatively you can call or email us to secure your place on the trip, and pay over the phone, via online bank transfer or over the counter at your bank.
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