La Spezia Guides

About La Spezia

This little port city focuses most of its culture around its thriving port, with plenty of interesting maritime museums, speciality seafood restaurants serving up fresh dishes, and of course, quaint neighbouring seaside villages to explore. A short train ride away from Cinque Terre, it’s the perfect place to visit it for a day trip!

La Spezia

La Spezia is the epitome of slow Tuscan living.

Wander down the winding streets of the old town and people watch in one of the many cafes. Visit the flea market which takes place every Friday and replace a lost tshirt in one of the second-hand stores.

Don’t miss the nearby Cinque Terre National Park. It’s the big draw of the area with its numerous spectacular centuries old seaside villages. There are a number of coastal walking paths along this stretch of coastline which could lead you to a hidden beach, vineyard or quaint village……! Also, one of La Spezia’s most famous attractions is walking along the Passeggiata Morin from the pier to Porto Mirabello where some of the most incredible yachts in the world are.