Mostar Guides

Mostar Guides

Quick facts:

  • Location: Mostar, Southern Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Language: Bosnian
  • Population of city: 105,757
  • Nearest airport: Mostar International Airport
  • Main train/bus station(s): Mostar Rail Station
  • Best time to visit? All year round
  • Budget level? £
  • Best for: Cheap Break, Architecture, Art, City Breaks

Top Attractions

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Stari Most (The Old Bridge):

Mostar’s most identifiable feature, the bridge was built in the 1500s and connects two sides of the city. The bridge is 21m high and you can often see divers diving off the bridge.

Old Bridge Museum:

Opened in 2006, the museum celebrates the rebuilding of Stari Most. The museum is located in the old town of Mostar.

Muslibegovica House

The house is considered one of the most stunning houses in the Balkans from the Ottoman period.

Blagag Tekke:

Not too far out of Mostar you will find Blagag Tekke; considered one of the sacred sites within Bosnia. The building was built in the 1500s and is a national monument.

Kravice Waterfalls

Visitors can take a tour to the beautiful Kravice Waterfalls, just outside of Mostar.

Best Places To Go Out

  • Black Dog Pub: The pub offers a selection of ales and often hosts live music. The pub is tucked away down quiet cobbled streets and overlooks the river.
  • Caffe Marshall: Down the cobbled streets you will find Caffe Marshall within a historic building in traditional stone style.