Verona Guides

Quick facts:

– Location: Verona is a province in the Veneto region of Italy
– Language: Italian
– Population of city: 714, 274
– Nearest airport: Verona Villafranca Airport
– Main train/bus station(s): Verona Porta Nuova station
– Best time to visit? March-October
– Budget level? ££
– Best for: Romantic Break, Food, Architecture, Shopping, Art


Top Attractions

Piazza delle Erbe

An important square in Roman times. Today the square is used as a site for an outdoor market, administrative offices, and as a meeting place.

Juliet's Balcony

Based on Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet this house in Verona has been hailed as the house of Juliet. This is, of course, fiction, however the balcony still attracts many tourists who leave messages on the wall below asking for guidance in love.

Teatro Romano

The theatre, built in the 1st century, now hosts the Verona Jazz Festival.

Verona Bridges

The Adige River flows through Verona, and so both sides are connected by a series of bridges, the oldest of these being Ponte Pietra.

Culture Spots

Verona Arena

Torre Dei Lamberti

Basillica of San Zeno

Free Walking Tours

Free walking tours run from Thursday to Monday at 10:30am from Corso Porta Nuova. The tours last 2.5-3 hours.