Interrail to Sziget Festival

Interrail to Sziget

With the first taste of Summer on its way, no doubt you’ve got sun, sea and festivals on your mind… Sipping a cocktail on a warm balmy evening, listening to incredible music with a crowd of beautiful travellers… sounds like the dream to us. This year thousands of festival goers will once again make the pilgrimage to Sziget Festival in Budapest this summer for 7 days and nights of just that.

Hosted on the dreamy Margaret Island in the middle of the Danube, and with headliners including Rihanna, Muse, Years & Years and hundreds more from across Europe, it’s the perfect recipe for an incredible break. This year venues at Sziget are moving up a notch to provide Szitizens with something unforgettable. Aside from the enormous main stage which will play host to the festival’s biggest acts, there’s also a huge variety of other stages, areas and performance venues. Forget muddy fields and raincoats, think man-made beaches, Cirque de Soleil and basking in 30 degree heat all day long.

Check out our guide to Interrailing to Sziget below for some inspiration, tips and how to plan your trip.

Sziget Music Stages:

A38 Stage: Playing host to the freshest new bands showcasing their material, the A38 is the mainstage’s little sister. Colourful and varied, check the lineup for a taste of the selection you can find here.

The Colosseum: An incredible multi-floor wooden structure designed especially for Sziget, the Colosseum is a monument to dance and underground electronica. Come here once everywhere else has shut and watch the sunrise from one of the many balconies.

Performance Venues:

Cirque de Sziget: Think trapeze artists, incredible costumes, acrobatics and glitter aplenty – head over to the Cique de Sziget for your fix of psychedelic circus entertainment.

The Campfire: Specially selected acoustic artists perform in a cozy campfire environment. Make new friends and bond over the  music as you soak up the magical festival atmosphere.

Magic Mirror: Sziget’s dedicated LGBTQ venue offers a massive range of events, from film showings and debates in the daytime to cabaret and Variety shows by night. Rest assured whatever you see there will be both fascinating and fabulous.


The Beach: While Budapest may be nowhere near the coast, the Danube itself is home to a beautiful man-made beach every year. Spend your days relaxing on soft beach blankets and cushions, or soaking off last night’s hangover in the river. All day and night the beach makes for an atmospheric escape, with light shows, ambient sounds and regular film showings.

I Ching Labyrinth:

Lose yourself in the beautiful performance art of I Ching. Allow yourself to be guided around the Labyrinth by actors, who will provide life lessons and talks as they take you through the maze of passages and installations.

Accommodation at Sziget:

Sziget prides itself on being one of the least restrictive festivals around, without compromising on safety. This means you can camp almost anywhere in the whole site – so if you want to set up your tent right next to the main stage then go for it! Because of the festival’s location in the heart of Budapest (which just happens to be one of the cheapest cities in Europe), you can also decide to stay in hostels while you’re there – possibly recommendable considering temperatures of 30+ degrees. Your friends will thank you for those showers after a week of hot summer sun and dancing…

Interrail to Sziget

If you’re heading over to Budapest and staying in hostels, why stop there? At the heart of one of our favourite cities on the Interrailing map, Sziget couldn’t be better placed to finish an adventure in full festival style. Start in Paris, Amsterdam or Berlin and wind your way down to Hungary’s capital to combine your festival break with an interrailing adventure, and make the most of your time in Eastern Europe!

Check out our interrailing packages to see more options on how to interrail to Sziget. Remember all our trips are totally customisable, so we can easily work the Festival into your travel plans.

[photocredits: Flikr: mundotorpe; Jonan Basterra; Sztanko Demeter; Oscar Anjewlerden]

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