Our Condolences to all Affected by the Notre-Dame Fire

The cathedral of Notre-Dame, where a large fire broke out on Monday evening, is amongst Paris’ most popular tourist attractions. Each year, it draws around 13 million visitors who come to marvel at its intricate stained glass windows and twisting spire.

The world-famous cathedral is over 850 years old, with the initial building process taking a staggering 200 years. It is undoubtedly an integral part of not only Parisian history, but French history as a whole. The main building has survived multiple revolutions and world wars and was undergoing renovations before the accident to ensure that the beauty of the building could be enjoyed by generations to come.

French President Macron described the Notre-Dame fire as ‘a terrible tragedy’, but re-assured Parisians that the ‘worst has been avoided’. Whilst the 13th century oak-wood roof and iconic spire were unfortunately lost, the two main towers of the Western façade were able to spared, making a rebuild possible.

The Euroventure team would like to extend our condolences to the Parisian community, it is truly heart-breaking to see such an integral and beautiful part of history destroyed in such a catastrophic way. We are confident that French spirit and hope will ensure the cathedral is restored to its former glory in due time.

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