Trans-Siberian: 3 Weeks

21 Nights

This route is a 22 day trip taking you all the way from St Petersburg to Beijing via Irkutsk and Ulaanbaatar. You’ll spend 14 nights in your accommodation and 7 nights on the Trans-Siberian/Mongolian express.

  • St Petersburg
  • Moscow
  • Irkutsk
  • Ulaan Baatar
  • Beijing
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Trip Style

It’s one of the world’s most iconic journeys – the Trans-Siberian is on everyone’s bucket list. If you’ve covered most parts of Western Europe and are looking for a little bit of a challenge, why not take a leap into the unknown with this epic voyage. Russia borders both Finland and China… With this Trans Siberian route you’ll see the country from end to end, as well as Mongolia and China to boot.

Trip Description

Russia is historic and mysterious on an epic scale… start your discovery here

Choose to begin in the imperial capital St Petersburg, the City of the Tsars, designed to impress and showcase the best that Russia has to offer. Also called The Venice of the North, you won’t stop being charmed by its hundreds of canal bridges or beautifully ornate palaces.

Move on swiftly to the modern-day capital. Moscow’s main sights centre around its stunning Red Square, where you’ll find the world famous St Basil’s Cathedral as well as the nearby Kremlin. Both are open to the public for visits year-round. Made the most of the sights? Then it’s time to let your hair down – just as well Moscow’s nightlife is world renowned.

Once you’ve had your fill of beautiful Russian history and culture, you’ll board the trans-siberian express – in winter passing on through snow covered forests, icy pools and breathtaking wilderness. In summer, drink in the luscious forest landscape of Siberia as you make your way around Lake Baikal near Irkutsk. Take a refreshing dip in the world’s largest freshwater lake, and pick up some of its famous smoked fish from traditional sellers on the shores. Eat, sleep and relax on board the train as it delivers you from the cathedrals of Europe to the plains of Mongolia.

Here, discover the traditional way of life led by nomadic people across the region – as well as the stark contrast with Ulaanbaatar – Mongolia’s capital and home to 1.3m people. Take a tour to Terelj National Park and stay with a local family in a yurt, and go horseriding across the Mongolian steppe through breathtaking scenery.

Next it’s on to Beijing, an overnight journey passing through hundreds of miles of scenery – you’ll notice the landscape change from rolling green hills and yurts, to the dry plains of the Gobi desert, to lush green mountains and lakes, until finally passing into the outskirts of Beijing – China’s capital and its third largest metropolis.

Explore Beijing’s palaces and gardens, or take a trip out to the Great Wall to discover one of the world’s most awesome feats of engineering. From here, fly home from Beijing’s capital airport (not included). Alternatively why not continue your adventure across Asia and beyond…

Whether this is the end of your journey or just the beginning, the Trans Siberian is an experience you’ll never forget.

Travelling from London to Russia

You can get to Russia quickly from London by train to Amsterdam, then a connection in Lubeck, Germany to board you straight onto a 2-night ferry to Helsinki, from where you can travel easily on to St Petersburg or Moscow to begin your adventure. Alternatively, you can forego the ferry and travel up through Berlin, Warsaw, and the Baltics – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, for a real sample of some of the former Soviet Union. Remember that everything is customisable so just let us know what suits your travel plans and we will be happy to make a route just for you at no extra cost. You can also travel there taking a southerly route via Kiev, Ukraine.

This route requires a Russian tourist visa, a Mongolian tourist visa and a Chinese Tourist Visa.  You can apply for a Russian visa up to 6 months before your trip. Once you have the visa, you MUST enter Russia within 6 months otherwise it will expire. Mongolian and Chinese tourist visas can only be applied for up to 3 months in advance and are valid for 30 days; you must enter each country within 90 days of the respective visa issue date.

Euroventure is not able to provide visas. For further information on how to apply, please go to your nearest Russian Embassy website and look up the entry requirements for your nationality. Make sure you allow plenty of time to process this (at least 2 months).  

Our partners at Real Russia are the experts in Trans-Siberian visas, and can process all three visas for a set fee. Learn more about their Trans-Siberian Visa service.

What's included?

  • All overland transport tickets from the first to the last city, as shown in the key.
  • Seat reservations on all trains
  • Accommodation in top-rated, centrally located hostels or hotels, tested by us.
  • Walking directions between the stations and your booked accommodation.
  • Optional walking tours, pub crawls and other activities at our partner hostels.
  • A personalised travel booklet with maps, language guides, top tips, and more.
  • Access to your itinerary, tickets and documents on the Euroventure App.
  • Access to our 24hr emergency phone number while you’re away.

The Route


The 3 week cross-continental trip is the journey of a lifetime. You’ll travel overnight on the world famous Trans-Siberian and Mongolian Express trains, as well as spending several nights in each city. Please note you’ll need a tourist visa to enter Russia, Mongolia and China.

St Petersburg (2 Nights)

Saint Petersburg is the city of the Tsars. From glorious opera houses to underground music scenes, classical masterpieces to street art – immerse yourself in kaleidoscopes of Russian colour and culture. When you’re done, make the most of the city’s famous White Nights to party into the early hours – you can sleep when you’re dead.

St Petersburg Guides

  • Marvel at the incredibly ornate “Church of the Saviour on the Spilled Blood”, Pushkin and Catherine Palaces.
  • Join local residents for all night parties in June – during Summer’s “White Nights”, the sun barely sets.
  • Discover authentic bargains at Udelka flea market on the weekend

Moscow (3 Nights)

Russia’s Capital, home to the grand treasures of the Tzars, Russia’s modern political hub (The Kremlin) and more cultural heritage than you can shake a stick at; it’s clear that any trip to Russia starts with Moscow. For this particular journey, it’s also your gateway to Siberia. Here is the starting point of the Trans Siberian Express – one of the World’s most iconic trains journeys.

Moscow Guides

  • Check out Red Square and St Basil’s Cathedrals – arguably Russia’s most famous sight
  • Eat your way through delightfully stodgy cuisine – potatoes, Borscht, any kind of meat you can imagine and plenty of local beers (and maybe vodka) to wash it down.
  • Sweat out all the toxins you’ve acquired in a classic Russian Banya, or bath house.

Irkutsk (2 Nights)

Irkutsk is the capital of Siberia itself, and a welcome spot to stretch your legs after a few nights socialising and relaxing on the train. The city lies close to the world-famous Lake Baikal, which legend has it will give you an extra 5 years of life if you just paddle near the shore, or an amazing 25 years longer if you go for a swim! In winter, the lake freezes over people are known to actually drive on the thick ice! If you go in the summer, the lake is frequented by local fishermen who sell their amazing catch on the shore, smoked and hung and ready for eating!

Irkutsk Guides

  • Take a trip to Lake Baikal, about an hour’s drive from the city
  • Visit the stunning cathedrals and churches
  • Use the opportunity to wash your clothes ready, stock up on food and supplies ready for your next adventure to Mongolia!

Ulaan Baatar (5 Nights)

The capital of Mongolia, a quirky future-meets-the-past city with skyscrapers mixed in with traditional yurts, Ulaanbaatar will keep you interested just wondering about and discovering. Learn about one of the world’s most famous empires lead by Genghis Khan, and visit his statue at the main square. Whilst you’re in the city, be sure not to miss the opportunity to take a tour of nearby Terelj National Park, where you will be able to experience a slice of nomadic life yourself.

Ulaan Baatar Guides

  • Visit Genghis Khan Square and see the giant statue dedicated to the former warrior
  • See the Buddhist Gandantegchenling Monastery
  • Go horseriding in Terelj National Park and stay overnight in a yurt

Beijing (3 Nights)

Beijing is China’s capital and one of its biggest cities. A treasure trove of cultural and historical interest, start your exploration at the Forbidden City – the Royal palace closed off to visitors until recently. Check out the Olympic Park as well as the world famous Tiannemen Square. For food, don’t miss the hutongs of the old town – famous for their traditional courtyards and street vendors. In the temperate north, filling wheat-based dishes like noodles and pancakes are the speciality. Eat real Peking Duck, feast on dumplings fit for a king – even sample some street Scorpions or snake meat if you dare…

Beijing Guides

  • Visit the Great Wall – one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Stick to the maintained sections close to Beijing, or head out to the more rural sections for something a little more adventurous.
  • Try Beijing’s famous local specialities – from noodles and dumplings to deliciously savoury Hot Pot.
  • Beat your way through the crowds in the Forbidden city and discover this breathtaking palace

How to get there

The quickest and cheapest way to get to and from the UK will be to book a budget flight. Use a search engine such as Kayak or Skyscanner to do this. If you want to travel from the UK to Russia and back by train, why not have a look at our Northern Loop.

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The tour was really well organised and took all the stress out of all the transfers and finding trains etc. The hostels were all clean and helpful and any issues were sorted very quickly . My tour leader Tom (aka Liam Payne) was super helpful and knowledgeable about the areas (best places for food etc) . Great sense of humour too haha

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A great way to meet new people and a good introduction to more independent travelling with the security that most tend to fear when it comes to travelling solo! Tom was friendly and efficient in his job offering advice and recommendations where he could ensuring we were having the best time. Would definitely recommend to others looking to explore more/build up confidence to solo travelling!

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I can't recommend Euroventure highly enough. In August 2019 I went on the 3 Week: Islandbound adventure. From my first approach to Euroventure to my return from my trip they were absolutely brilliant. The organisation of transfers and accommodation was first class. Before my trip any concerns or questions I had were responded to almost immediately. I fully intend to book my next adventure with them.

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I recently returned from the Central Europe tour and I couldn't have asked for a better trip with Euroventure! I booked a group tour so it gave me the chance to meet likeminded people plus you don't have the stress of arranging everything. I highly recommend this if you're apprehensive about travelling alone. I feel so much more confident to travel solo in the future thanks to this trip. Our tour leader Tom was fantastic, making sure the trip ran smoothly and made great recommendations on food and things to do in every city as well as advising which metro links and stops we would need to go to, to get to certain places. While remaining professional throughout the trip, he was very friendly, extremely patient and a good laugh. I will definitely be booking another trip with Euroventure in the near future.

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Just returned from my month long trip round Europe. The Euroventure team tailored my trip to my every need, the customer service during the booking process was excellent and any changes or queries I had were quickly and efficiently dealt with. My trip was amazing, the hostels booked were great, the team were responsive when I got lost on the trains in Poland and the travel book provided was unbelievably helpful. I could not have hoped for a better experience and would highly recommend Euroventure to anyone planning a trip. Cannot wait to start planning my next trip with them!

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