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Travelling by train can be complicated for everybody, but, as a wheelchair user, you might find it to be a worrisome experience. There are so many things to think about when you want to book a train ticket. Is the station accessible? Is the train equipped with wheelchair spaces and adapted toilets? Does the train company offer any assistance? How do I book it?

Being in a wheelchair should not keep you from going on your dream holiday and enjoying the unique experience that is train travel. That’s why, at Euroventure, we’ve done our research and we can advise on which are the easiest wheelchair accessible train holiday routes. Whether you pick to stay in hostels or hotels, we will ensure you are booked into a wheelchair accessible room with wheelchair accessible bathrooms. You will be booked on to wheelchair accessible trains in designated seating and if necessary, we will arrange for ramps to be made available to assist in getting you on and off trains.

You can recognize our wheelchair friendly interrailing packages as this is specified in the top section of each package page. Here are our most popular accessible independent trips:

Most popular accessible independent trips

What is included?
  • Train tickets and reservations for all your trains between cities.
  • Assistance in wheelchair accessible train stations to help you get on and off your train where possible.
  • Accommodation in wheelchair friendly hostels or hotels, centrally located.
  • A personalised travel pack with directions from the station to your hotel, maps, language guides & top tips
  • Exclusive discounts on attractions across Europe.
  • Access to our 24hr emergency phone number while you’re away.
Custom trip

You can also have a look at our recommendations and create your own custom trip using our interactive map.

We have created a table and map which shows how wheelchair friendly each country is for train travel. Red is the least accessible, orange has limitations and green is the most wheelchair accessible.

You might also want to check our blog post about the most accessible cities in Europe.


Country Accessibility
Albania Least accessible
Austria Most accessible
Belgium Most accessible
Bosnia and Herzegovina Least accessible
Bulgaria Limited
Croatia Limited
Czechia Limited
Denmark Most accessible
Estonia Limited
Finland Most accessible
France Most accessible
Germany Most accessible
Greece Limited
Hungary Limited
Ireland Most accessible
Italy Most accessible
Latvia Limited
Lithuania Least accessible
Luxembourg Most accessible
Montenegro Least accessible
Netherlands Most accessible
North Macedonia Least accessible
Norway Most accessible
Poland Limited
Portugal Most accessible
Romania Limited
Russia Limited
Serbia Least accessible
Slovakia Limited
Slovenia Limited
Spain Most accessible
Sweden Most accessible
Switzerland Most accessible
Ukraine Limited
UK Most accessible