Who are we and what do we do?

About Euroventure

Euroventure makes travelling Europe by train easy with bespoke interrail packages and group tours for travellers of any age. Whatever draws you to travel, whether it’s escaping your hometown, meeting new friends, seeing the sights you’ve always dreamed of, or just having incredible nights out with your mates, Euroventure can make it happen.

We take the stress out of interrailing, so you can go everywhere you’ve always wanted to go without worrying about the boring stuff. With transport, accommodation, and directions included, we’re pioneering a new way to travel Europe.

Our Trips

  • Independent trips – pick from our popular routes or create a custom route. Just tell us where you want to go and when, and we’ll sort out the rest. We don’t prescribe activities or set times; we know each traveller has a different idea of what makes the perfect Euroventure.
  • Group tours – explore Europe in a small group of like-minded backpackers your age (we run tours for groups of 18 to 27 year olds and 28+), travelling by train, staying in awesome hostels and experiencing the best activities in each city.

Why Book With Euroventure?


99% of customers would recommend us

Customer service is our number one priority and we work tirelessly to make sure your trip is nothing less than fantastic. There is no better way to verify how great our trips are than by reading independent reviews from real customers.

It’s not just our customers who recognise our awesome service – this year we were nominated for Best Customer Service in the British Youth Travel Awards 2018!

We're the experts

We’ve all travelled Europe extensively, so we know where to buy the tickets, which are the best hostels, and how to get to them; even if you book at short notice, you can rest assured your trip will run smoothly. Travelling with Euroventure means no nasty surprises, and the freedom to plan your days however you like.

Thanks to our exclusive partnership deals across Europe, Euroventure is great value and our customers think so too. We pass these savings onto you, as we think that travel should be open to everyone!

Friendly & Personal Customer Service

We’ll guide you from the moment you request a quote, right through to your departure day. We like to get to know each traveller and understand exactly what they want to get out of their Euroventure. Our customers love this personal approach, and we think it’s what sets us apart from most travel companies.

  • Customise your trip until it’s perfect for you
  • Discuss any questions with your travel advisor before you book
  • Receive pre-departure advice & booking updates once you book
  • Feel reassured with 24-hour assistance while you’re away

What’s Included?

Stays at top rated hostels and hotels

Each hostel and hotel that you’ll be staying in has been handpicked for its friendly atmosphere, great facilities, and helpful staff. Some of our hostels and hotels even have swimming pools, and bars on-site – perfect for unwinding after a long train ride! You’ll always be centrally located, so you’ll never be too far from the action in the city, nor from the train station, whether this means a short trip on foot or via public transport. When you travel with us, rest assured that you’ll be well looked after with no nasty surprises – we test accommodation ourselves, so we should know!

Strike protection - and peace of mind!

Everyone knows that European trains are some of the best in Europe.

Unfortunately, Europe’s trains are also known for their tendancy to go on strike – a problem which can leave you very few options and little to no financial protection if you’re travelling on your own!

Luckily, when you travel with Euroventure, we make it our job to get you where you need to go. When you book through us, you ensure you’ll never be left out of pocket due to rail strikes or unplanned cancellations.

If your train is cancelled due to strikes, we’re just a phone call away. We’ll do everything within our power to get you to your next city at no extra cost. Whether that be advising you on alternative travel arrangements, liasing with station staff or even putting you up overnight – whatever the solution may be, we’ll take care of it – ensuring that you have total peace of mind during your travels.

All train tickets, passes, AND reservations

Whether you’ve booked one of our pre-arranged routes or customised your own, we at Euroventure work out the cheapest and most efficient way for your route to be taken, saving you the time and stress of arranging your trip alone. So there’s no need to worry about where to find and buy tickets and passes, and which types to buy – we take care of all that!

Not only that, but if your route requires compulsory seat reservations in conjunction with your Interrail Pass, this will all be sorted by us in advance and included in your trip price, so that’s one less thing to think about!

That said, if you would like to add seat reservations for all journeys, and not just compulsory ones, just let your trip planner know and they’ll be happy to price this up for you. Reservations can be more expensive than you may expect and are often compulsory so, unlike with other companies, when you travel with Euroventure, there are no unexpected fees!

Eurostar transport if requested

We can include the Eurostar from most main UK cities to get you to your first destination, just to make things that little bit easier. If you’re starting or ending your trip in or near Paris, Amsterdam or Brussels, just ask your trip planner for more info!

Personalised travel pack containing:

  • A copy of your trip itinerary and your personal train timetable
  • Information on how to use your pass/tickets
  • Walking/public transport directions between each station and hostel/hotel
  • Public transport and currency information for each destination.
  • Handy language guides for each of your chosen cities.
  • Our top recommendations for what to see and do in each place..
  • Packing List
  • Access to our 24 hour emergency helpline for urgent advice.
  • NEW FOR 2018: Access to our app, containing all your travel documents in digital format, offline maps, itinerary and more.


Optional activities & add-ons

Since every traveller is different, our independent tours don’t include activities as standard. We like to leave you guys free to explore Europe on your own terms! We do give you plenty of suggestions for things to do, see and eat in your travel pack, but if you’d like us to go one step further we can also add on tickets, day trips and activities for you in some of Europe’s major cities! For the full list of activities, check out our add-ons and extras section, where you can find an example of our most popular add-ons.

You can add any of these on to your booking when you book online, or ask your trip planner to add them on during the booking process.

What do I need to organise?

will brexit affect interrail


If you’re travelling further afield than Amsterdam, Brussels or Paris, it’s going to be a lot quicker and normally cheaper to book budget flights than to try to cover the distance by bus or train. Thanks to our partners at Skyscanner, to find the best deals you can just head to our flight search console to compare prices for your trip accross the continent and beyond!

Visa arrangements

If you are coming to the UK or EU from certain countries (for example: India, the Philippines, Kenya among others), you may need a UK and/or Schengen visa. Legally, we cannot arrange or complete your application, so this is something that you will need to organise by contacting your embassy. However, if required, we are able to supply supporting documents for an additional fee.

Travel Insurance

Hopefully you won’t need to use it, but travel insurance is essential to make sure you’re covered for any unpleasant surprises while you’re away. You can do this through our website by heading to our affiliate Travel Insurance page.

How do I book?

So, you’ve decided you’re going on a Euroventure, you’ve sent off a quote request and received your reply (remember to check your spam folders if you haven’t done so already). You want to get booked in as soon as possible, so, what next?

  1. 1. Booking online…?

If you like a pre-set route as it appears on the website and you’re happy with the price, you can go right ahead and book your trip online directly! Just click ‘Check Price’ for whichever accommodation option you prefer, choose your trip duration, and when you’d like to go. Then all that’s left to do is fill in your details; you’ll then receive a quote by email if you need a little more time to decide, but do bear in mind that the price in your quote will only stand for 7 days.

Alternatively, if you’re ready to book right away, you can pay by card there and then! After booking, you should receive your confirmation and trip summary within 1 working day.

…OR fancy creating your own route?

If you love a pre-set route but want to tweak it a bit before you book, or if you have your own route in mind, that’s great! Just submit a Custom Route request online, or reply to your enquiry email to chat to your personal trip planner about where you’d like to go. Why not take a look at our destinations page for inspiration?

We’re totally flexible: want to spend an extra night in Florence? Miss out Bratislava? Stay in a hotel in Budapest? Everything in your trip can be customised, from your accommodation options to your transport elements. Just let us know exactly what you want and if it’s doable, we will arrange it for you, no problem! Once you’re happy with your trip plan and price, it’s on to the next step.

We’ll send you a trip summary by email which contains a day-to-day rundown of your trip request, along with a link to our customer details form, and information on how to pay for your trip. Your quote is valid for 7 days, by which you’ll need pay your deposit to freeze the trip price – after that, we’ll need to re-quote you in case of supplier price changes.

  1. 2. Check and confirm your trip summary

Please make sure that all the details in your trip summary are correct and as you’d like them before paying your deposit. Depending on the request, we can make changes to your trip later on, but this can become more expensive with time, so it’s always best to confirm everything the first time around!

  1. 3. Fill in your customer details and pay your £150pp deposit to secure your booking

Following the payment instructions on the last page of your trip summary, each member of your group will need to pay £150 each either by card using the secure online payment portal sent to you, over the phone, or via bank transfer.

We never charge a fee when you use a credit or debit card – not even for non-UK cards! If you prefer, you can each pay separately using the same customer reference number as given on your trip summary. Then you will need to fill in the customer details form within 7 days of booking for each member of your group using separate email addresses. Once that’s out of the way, you’ll be all booked in!

  1. 4. Paying off your account: 3 secure ways to pay

You can pay for your trip your way using any of the 3 options on your trip summary:

  1. Pay off the whole amount upfront: if you’re able to do this and get it all out of the way with the deposit, why not? (If you’re booking less than 90 days in advance of departure, this is the only option that will appear on your trip summary, so that we can have everything booked for you in time!)
  2. Pay it off in chunks: you can split the cost over monthly instalments, or as many as you like – whatever suits you best!
  3. Pay it off 90 days before departure: pay the remaining balance minus the deposit in one lump sum by the deadline specified in your trip summary.

Post Trip Blues

  1. 5. Receive your travel pack in the post!

Expect to receive your travel pack approximately 2-4 weeks before departure. The pack will include all of the transport tickets you’ll need, accommodation information, your detailed directions and city guides, not to mention a few freebies, too!

If you have booked to travel at short notice or during high season, please bear in mind that you may not receive your pack as quickly as this, but we can guarantee that your pack will arrive in time for your departure!

  1. 6. You’re good to go!

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