Planning Your European Trip

Planning Your European Trip

Your Trip Starts Here

It’s difficult to know where to start when you’re planning on interrailing around Europe. We’ve all been in that position of planning a big trip, possibly without any experience of anything like it, and not knowing where to begin. So we’ve put together a load of information and resources to help you get the ball rolling and start your adventure!

Where Should I Go?

The Best Places to Travel, For You

The Ultimate Guide

Our Destinations

Where can Euroventure take you?

Preparing for Your Trip

Interrail Journey Planner

Watch our planning guide

Packing Guide

Your essential packing list

Budgeting for a Trip

How much money will you need?

Learn a Language

Interact with locals


Accommodation Guide

The complete run-down

Staying in Hostels

Eveyrthing you need to know


Guide to European Train Travel

Night Trains

What to expect

How to Use Your Interrail Pass

Flight Search

The Cheapest place to find flights

Useful Info

Parent's Guide

Peace of mind with the whole picture

Under 18s Guide

The restrictions and need to knows

Travel Insurance

The overlooked essential - don't forget it!

Interrailing in a Group

Travel with like-minded people

Solo Female Travellers

Enjoy a safe trip

Trip Types & Styles

Budget Adventures

The destinations that don't break the bank

Most Popular Trips and Tours

Flight Free Routes

Travel Greener

Eastern Europe Packages

Trips and Tours

Epic Itineraries

5+ Weeks

Europe Trip Packages

Popular Set Trips

Whole Hog: 4 Weeks

28 Nights

London Amsterdam Berlin Prague Vienna Bratislava Budapest Zagreb Venice Florence Rome Paris London

Iron Curtain: 1 Week

7 Nights

Berlin Prague Vienna Budapest

Perfect for First Time Travellers

Whole Hog: 2 Weeks

14 Nights

London Paris Amsterdam Berlin Prague Vienna Venice Rome

Popular Group Tours


Whole of Europe Group Tour: 4 Weeks

28 Nights

London Amsterdam Berlin Prague Budapest Vienna Venice Rome Florence Nice Barcelona Paris London

Backpacking Tour

Western Europe Group Tour: 2 Weeks

14 Nights

Venice Rome Florence Nice Barcelona Paris London  

Backpacking Tour

Central Europe Group Tour: 2 Weeks

14 Nights

London Amsterdam Berlin Prague Budapest Vienna Venice 

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