Frequently Asked Questions

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General Queries

Is it quicker to get in touch with you via email or phone?

Email is always the best way to contact us, so we can direct your query to the right person to give you a well-informed and thought-through response to your question. Providing all relevant information, like your reference number, will help us to provide you with a response quicker.

If you’re yet to book, please email If you have already booked, please email – or if you are a group tour customer.

We’ll also be happy to chat over the phone to discuss your trip and give you any recommendations, feel free to contact us Monday to Sunday from 9am to 5pm.


Is my booking financially secure?

Yes, 100%! Your booking is insured by International Passenger Protection so if something happens to Euroventure, your money is always safe and would be returned to you in full by the insurers, even if you trip has already begun.

We are also members of the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), the official industry body for tour operators, with membership number Y6273. We are regulated by them and must operate by a consumer code of conduct, so they ensure our insurance is valid and up to date.

Do I travel as a group or with somebody from Euroventure?

With our set trip and custom route Interrail packages, you’ll travel on your own or in your own group of friends. We don’t add other customers to your trip and you won’t have a guide with you.

Euroventure trips are all about independence – you just follow the itinerary and do your own thing, knowing that we’re only a phone call away if you run into difficulty.

If you’d prefer to travel with a group, we also run group tours in Europe. For these trips, you’ll travel with a group of likeminded backpackers and at least one guide from Euroventure. With these tours, we’ll travel in a group and stay together in hostels, however in each location you will have some free time to explore independently.

For any flashpacking tours, you will stay in boutique 4* hotels and share your bedroom with someone from the group or with your travel companion.

What do I get when I book a package?

You get all train travel and accommodation included in the price. That is, all train travel between the first city and last city on the trip and accommodation in the best hostels in each city, or in hotels if you choose this option. For loop trips you also get return train and Eurostar travel from anywhere in the UK to the continent and back, but flights are not included in any of our packages as we are a carbon negative company.

You’ll also get a detailed itinerary telling you exactly what trains to get and directions to the hostels. So all that’s left for you to purchase is flights (if required), travel insurance and spending money. You also get the benefit of booking through a tour operator – meaning its our job to solve any issue you may have with travel disruptions during your journey – at no extra cost. We are with you from the start to the end of your trip.

Can I travel if I'm 16 or 17?

We are more than happy to accommodate 16 and 17 year olds provided we have a written letter of consent of your parent/guardian and at least one member of your group is 18. You will also only be able to book private hostel rooms or hotels, as under 18s are not permitted to stay in shared dorms.

Accommodation restrictions apply. Check out our full under 18s policy here.

Do you need my passport information?

Yes! We are unable to book key elements of your trip without your passport information. If you need to renew your passport, please ensure you do so in good time and will have your passport back 90 days before your trip begins. If you are a UK citizen, you can find out more information relating to passport validity after Brexit here.


I like your set trips, but I want to change a few details - Can this be done?

Absolutely! If you email us with the set trip you’re interested in, along with any changes you’d like to make, the number, age and nationality of travellers, departure date and accommodation type (we need all these details to build you an accurate quote), then we will reply with a price and some route options for you!

What is the process of booking a custom trip?

You will need to submit a quote first, and one of our Trip Experts will get back to you with a custom quote. If you’d like to make any changes, or even if you’d like to change your entire quote, please reply to our email with the changes you’d like to make. All discussion from pre-booking to post-booking will be done over email or phone. Once you are happy with the itinerary, we will send you a booking summary so you can reserve your trip.

What is interrailing?

Interrailing means travelling by train – and we are offering you a package with both trains and accommodation across Europe. There are a few busses and ferries involved too, but strictly no flights!

How do I know which trip is best for me?

If you’re new here, and you have no idea where you’re going, this is the process we would suggest when finding out what on earth you want to book, as it can be an overwhelming decision.

Firstly: are you hoping to travel alone/ with someone you know? Or with a group of 18-35 year olds and a tour leader?

If you want an individual trip, take a look at our set trips.

If you’d like a tour leader and to travel with a group, please browse our group tours.

Secondly: are you a first time traveller/ do you want to tick off the main destinations in Europe?

Take a look at these set trips –Whole Hog (available as a 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 week trip), Around Europe in 80 days, Pan-European 8 Weeks, Charms of Europe, Scandinavian. 

Or these group tours – Whole of Europe 4 Weeks, Central Europe 2 Weeks, Western Europe 2 Weeks.

Or if you don’t have much time but you still want to tick off the main destinations, check out our shorter trips:

1 Week set trips – Amsterdam, Berlin and Prague, Berlin to Budapest, Paris to Berlin, Scandinavian, Baltics, London to Barcelona.

1 Week group tours – Berlin to Budapest.

1 Week flashpacking group tours – Alps and Lakes, Best of Central Europe, Best of Northern Spain, Best of Southern Spain, Best of Portugal.

Or maybe you’re a die-hard sun-seeker?

See these set trips – Island Bound (2 and 3 Weeks), Greece Lightning, Spain and Portugal (2, 3, 4 Weeks), Mediterranean Wanderer, Rail and Sail Croatia (2, 3, 4 Weeks).

Group Tours – Western Europe.

Alternatively, you might be an experienced traveller searching for something that suits you, or maybe you just want to go exploring off the beaten track?

We’ve still got you covered. Here are some of our set trips – Bohemian Adventure (3, 4, 5 Weeks), Balkan Trail 2 Weeks, Road to Athens (2, 3, 4 Weeks).

Or perhaps a group tour suits you more – Bohemian Europe, Budapest to Split.

If you still haven’t found the perfect trip for you, either drop us an email or submit a custom quote, and we can create something that works for you!


How do I book a trip?

If you’ve browsed our website and decided that one of our set trips or group tours are perfect for you, then you will need to book these online. You’ll be asked to put down a 10% non-refundable deposit if your trip is over 90 days away, this is to secure your booking. You’ll then be emailed a booking summary (for set trips only) and an invoice with details of how to pay off your trip online (this can be done in installments, or all in one go – your choice).

If your trip is within the next 90 days, you’ll be asked to pay the full price of the trip at the time of of booking, all of which is non-refundable. The booking process is straightforward and you’ll be guided through step by step.

If you submitted a custom quote and we’ve discussed this over email, you will also be sent your booking summary and invoice via email. The same rules apply with deposits and the 90-day rule. Depending on the time of year, we can organise trips with 1 to 6 weeks notice. We will communicate to you how many weeks in advance we need to book your trip. You will have 7 days to put down a deposit, after that point, your trip will be requoted at the current rates.

You will be given a personal reference number for all bookings. There will only be 1 lead booker for all trips (even if there are 10 passengers), and all communication will be made through them.

If you are travelling with a group, separate payments can be made on the invoice by amending the ‘amount to pay’. The lead booker will need to share the payment details with the other passengers.

Can I pay in installments?

It’s completely up to you how you’d like to pay off your remaining balance, as long as it’s received by your due date (90 days before the date of departure). You can pay either in installments via bank transfer, and set up a standing order, or in one go. Just be sure to amend the ‘amount to pay’ button on your invoice. We are super flexible, and want to make this as easy as possible for you!

Accommodation Queries

Will I have an ensuite bathroom?

If you’re staying in hostel dorms you will have shared bathrooms. If you choose to stay in private hostel rooms then ensuites are not guaranteed and shared bathrooms are most likely. To guarantee an ensuite please ensure you book either 3*, 4* or 5* hotels.

How will I know the check in time?

The check in time for each hostel and hotel varies, but we will always keep you updated. Your travel pack has all the check in and check out times for each place you stay, so you won’t have to worry about doing any research yourself.

Can I check in early?

Generally, check in and check out times are strict. They physically wouldn’t have your room ready before the check in time, and often there are fines for checking out late without prior agreement. We understand that trains aren’t always going to arrive at the exact time of check in, so there are always storage rooms within the accommodation for you to leave your luggage while you wait until it’s time to go to your room.

Can I stay in a hostel if I am travelling with children?

Although many hostels will take under 18s it’s worth bearing in mind that hostels are great fun but may not always be an appropriate environment for young children, since many will have bars on site and their facilities may not be child friendly. It goes without saying that for safety reasons, children cannot stay in dorm rooms with other adults, even when accompanied by their parents. If you would like to travel with children, you can do so but you will need to stay in either private hostel rooms or hotel rooms.

I'm a solo female-traveller - will I be in female-only dorms?

You have the option to choose Female-Only Dorms when booking either online or with one of our Trip Experts. As standard, hostel dorms refer to mixed-gender dorms. Female-only dorms are usually more expensive and will require you to upgrade your accommodation.

Will I be staying at a party hostel?

No, not unless you want to! While we have a great selection of ‘party’ hostels, we also have a selection of ‘quieter’ hostels, so there is something for everyone. We will know your preference once you complete the travel preferences form – and we will try our best to accommodate your every need!

Can I leave my belongings at my hostel?

Yes, as the majority of hostels have lockers, you will be able to leave your bags safely in your room. Be sure to bring a padlock with you as hostels don’t always provide these. We also recommend against bringing valuables with you while travelling.

What are hostels actually like - are they safe?

Hostels are far from how they’re portrayed in the movies – so don’t let your preconceived idea of them stop you from booking the best trip of your life!

We only use hostels that have consistently brilliant reviews from our customers, the general public, and our very own Trip Experts. It is important to us that you have the best possible time, so we only chose top-of-the-range hostels.

Hostels are generally very sociable, most have big common areas, some even have bars and club spaces. There are quieter and smaller hostels which are equally good quality – so there is something for everyone. If you’re a young solo-backpacker looking to party and meet people from all over the world- we will have the hostel for you. Or if you’re a group of experienced travellers hoping to make a home cooked meal and be in bed by 10, we will also have the perfect hostel for you. The hostel market is continuously growing, and we are always looking for the best ones, so you can trust us.

Safety is also something we take very seriously, we wouldn’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable or unsafe in their own room. None of our hostels have received negative reviews regarding safety, and if they did, we would no longer continue to work with them. The majority of hostels have lockers provided in every shared dorm, so we recommend leaving your bags in there. Remember to bring your own padlock, as most hostels will not provide these. Some hostels have curtains around the beds for extra privacy (this is not something we can guarantee for every hostel).

Of course, you wont just be sharing the room with our lovely Euroventure customers, so if you are in an uncomfortable situation, or you feel unsafe, be sure to contact reception immediately, or our emergency line, and we will do what we can to help you out.

If you’d like to read more on hostels and their myths, head to this page.

How many people are in a hostel dorm?

A standard mixed hostel dorm will have between 6 – 14 beds. And a small dorm will have up to 6 beds. These will often be single bunk beds.

What accommodation types do you offer and how do I know which accommodation is best for me?

These are the accommodation types that we offer:

Standard dorms – mixed gender hostel dorms (6-14 beds)

Small mixed gender dorms (max. 6 beds)

Female only dorms (max. 12 beds)

Private hostel dorms (ensuites not guaranteed)

3* Hotels

4* Hotels

5* Hotels.

If you don’t mind sharing a room with others and are perhaps looking to stay in a more sociable environment during your trip, then hostels would be great for you. These are just as centrally located as hotels, and some are even as big as hotels. You will be sharing a bathroom.

Unless you request a female only room, they will be mixed gender as standard. There is a general age limit on hostels, those outside of the ages 18-40 may struggle to book. If you’re looking for some privacy, but still want that sociable experience, then private rooms would be perfect for you. These are ideal for young couples, or friends who are also looking for a budget-friendly travelling experience.

If you’ve had the hostel experience and are looking for something quieter and with more privacy (eg guaranteed en-suites), then 3* hotels are a great option. Still budget friendly, yet high quality. If you love luxury, then we would recommend 4* or 5* hotels. These are top of the range hotels carefully handpicked by our team.

Read more on our accommodation options and which one could work for you.




Will I know which hotels/hostels im staying in before I book?

We book every single one of our trips on a bespoke basis, meaning we align the transport and accommodation with your travel preferences. As we wouldn’t know your preferences at the pre-booking stage, then we wouldn’t be able to tell you exactly which hostels or hotels you’ll be staying at during your trip. We always chose highly rated and centrally located accommodation, so you won’t need to worry.

Will I be centrally located?

We understand that being centrally located is a huge part of the trip, and as we are travellers ourselves, we would want to be centrally located too! So we will only chose hostels and hotels which are convenient to get to from a station, and close to the center.

Transport Queries

Will my train times be chosen for me?

In the same way we receive your accommodation preferences, we will know your preference on train times as we receive these through a form which you’ll complete at the time of booking. Again, we will always do our best to fulfil your needs. It is always best to book in advance so trains don’t sell out!

What is the difference between first class and second class?

First class varies in each country, and with each train company, but generally, it means extra leg space, extra bag space and a less crowded/ busy train cabin.

Will I be in a seat if I have a night train/ ferry?

No, if you are staying in hostels, we will get you a couchette in a mixed cabin, you will also have the option to upgrade to a private cabin.

If you are staying in hotels, we will book you a private cabin for you and your group.

What are night trains like?

You may find that your journey has a few night trains in there, and you may be wondering why, or what they’re actually like. These are trains that set off in the late evening and don’t arrive until the next morning – meaning an extra night is added to your trip. So if you have a 14 night trip with 2 night trains, you’ll actually be spending 12 nights in your accommodation, and 2 on trains.

Watch our vlog for more info!

Can I choose my seat?

While you can submit travel preferences in terms of timing and accommodation type, we do not ask you a seat preference, as often times we are randomly allocated a seat at the time of booking. Of course we try to make sure all passengers in one party are all sat together. Therefore we are not able to guarantee anything like a window seat, or a seat facing a particular way.

Why does my trip involve bus journeys?

Some trips involve more buses than others- this depends on the journey you are taking. Eastern Europe generally involves more buses as this is actually the most efficient mode of transport.

We will choose buses when the train journeys involve multiple stopovers and long lay-overs, or perhaps when it physically is not an option. For example, as popular as Portugal and Spain are, there are currently no direct trains connecting the two. While this may sound unappealing to you, buses are not all bad. They’re comfortable, some have toilets, and if not there are toilet stops throughout, depending on the length of the journey. But there is no need to be afraid of them!

If you’d like to avoid bus journeys, let us know at the pre-booking stage and we can build a train-only quote for you.

Do I need seat reservations?

Some trains require you to purchase a seat reservation with your ticket to be able to travel on that service, whereas others will be optional and operate an open-seating policy (it’s still possible to purchase a seat for most of these services to guarantee your place but isn’t compulsory).

The good news for you is that with Euroventure, we include all possible seat reservations, so you don’t have to worry about standing, or not fitting on particularly busy services.

What's the difference between an InterRail Pass and a Eurail Pass?

While both are the same price, and they both act as passes, there is one crucial difference – InterRail passes are for European citizens and residents, while Eurail passes are all non-European citizens. This would be very serious if a non-European citizen travels with an InterRail pass, therefore it’s critical for us to know your nationality, even for a quote, so we know which pass to issue you.


How do I know if i'm travelling on a pass?

We will let you know ahead of your trip. If you receive a physical Travel Pack and it contains a small booklet saying “My Interrail Pass”, you will also get clear instructions on how to use it. You will either use it for your whole trip or most of your journey.

Please make sure to watch the video we provide and that you know how to use your pass, it is also important that you keep it safe and don’t lose it. If you lose it or fill it in wrong, you will need to buy a new one for about £300.

If you have a PDF travel pack, you will usually not be using a pass. However, in some ocassions we will give you a code so you can use a digital travel pass.

How do I use my InterRail pass to get from my nearest UK station to London?

If you are travelling on an Interrail Pass, you can use it to get from your nearest UK station to London for free, provided it’s on the same day as your departure from London.

All you need to do is fill out the inbound and outbound journeys which can be found on your pass, these will need to be filled out to validate the journey. If you are not leaving the country the same day (for example, travelling from Edinburgh to London then staying in London for a night), it will not be possible to use the pass as you  cannot travel on the pass within your home country.

I have my own InterRail pass - Can I still travel with you?

Yes you can! If you let us know at the time of planning which pass you have, we will deduct the price off your trip, and we will organise all the accommodation for you. (Just a heads up, this policy does not apply if you have accommodation booked but no transport, we need to organise at least 50% of your accommodation in order to take a booking.)


Can I change my trip after booking?

If your departure date is within 90 days, then we will not be able to make any changes to your trip.

If there are more than 90 days before you depart, then you will be able to make changes to your trip. There is a £50 per person change fee for amending your booking, and you will be quoted at our current rates to accommodate your new requests – which may mean you have to pay more towards your trip. Even if you are removing elements from your trip, the change fee will still be applied.

I’ve paid in full for my holiday – when can I expect to get all the details about my trip?

You’ll receive your travel pack, which includes information about all your train times, accommodation, directions and useful tips, 1-4 weeks before you depart. We will also keep you updated on your accommodation as we go.


Will I receive a physical travel pack, or will this be sent by email?

This depends on where you live and what kind of tickets/passes are best suited to your route.

Generally speaking, if you are based in the UK or starting your trip in London, you will get a physical pack posted to you. If you don’t live in the UK but are starting in London, we may post your Travel Pack to a pick-up point right in front of St.Pancras.

If you’re not based in the UK, we will send you a PDF travel pack.

These rules can differ depending on your trip but we will let you know what kind of Travel Pack you will receive.

Can I get in touch with you to discuss a booking if I’m not the lead booker?

We understand that multiple people in a travel party may all have various and specific questions they would like us to answer. For data protection purposes, and to help avoid any unnecessary confusion, we ask that all correspondence to us is made solely through the lead booker on the account.


Can I change the name of a person in our travel party?

If there are more than 90-days before your trip begins, then you can change the name of a traveller for our usual £50 admin fee. The lead booker will need to email with your reference number and the relevant information regarding the change to arrange this.


When do I need to complete my Travel Preference and Personal Details forms by?

As soon as possible! Not completing these can and will cause delays to us booking all the elements of your trip, and in turn, you receiving your travel pack. If you have any problems with these forms, please email at your earliest convenience.

You can access the Travel Preferences form here and the Personal Details form here.


What happens if I don’t pay for my trip on time and miss my due date?

We need to receive the full balance on the due date (90 days before departure) in order to get all parts of your trip booked on time. If we don’t get the full balance, a £100 per week late fee will be applied after the 90 days as per our terms and conditions.

That said, we understand that times are tough at the moment and we don’t want you to have to sacrifice your holiday. If this is the case, please get in touch with us at, with plenty of notice before your due date and we’ll do our best to help and work something out that suits everyone.


I’ve changed my mind; can I do my Travel Preference form again?

If you’re still outside of the 90-day window before your trip begins, then you will be able to submit another form with different preferences on. However, please email us to let us know about this and so we can ensure we book your trip based on your most up to date preferences.

If there is less than 90-days before your trip starts, you cannot change your preferences as we will have already started booking your trip.

You can access the Travel Preferences form here.

Am I eligible for a refund?

Your original due-date is also the point at which your trip becomes non-refundable. If you wish to cancel your trip before this date, we can refund any further payments made, with the exception of your non-refundable deposits. If you wish to cancel your trip after your due-date, we cannot offer you a refund of any kind.

Your due-date refers to 90-days prior to your original departure date, unless otherwise stated – this date will not change even if you opt to change your trip to a later departure date.

During your trip

The train shown on my travel pack is delayed/ cancelled/ changed – What do I do?

Stay calm, then refer to the last page of your travel pack as our emergency number is on there. Give us a call and leave a voicemail, then someone will call you back shortly after – our emergency line is open 24/7 and it’s our job to get you on the next train – at no extra cost.

I want to finish the trip earlier than I had planned – Can I have a refund?

Unfortunately, no. As per our terms and conditions, no refunds can be made within 90 days of your trip starting, which includes while your trip is running. Please inform us if you intend to end the trip early. You will also have to organise your journey back.

Backpacking Group tours

What actually is a Euroventure Group Tour?

If you’re interested in our group tours, but you don’t know exactly what they are – look no further, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re someone who’d enjoy meeting a group of like-minded strangers, aged 18-35 and travelling with them for 1-4 weeks, then it sounds like a group tour would be perfect for you. Along with the group (from 5 to 20 people), you’ll be lead by a tour leader.

They will have your tickets (unless you’re travelling on an Interrail Pass) and all the information regarding included activities. The group leader will be an experienced traveller, and their job is to make sure the group gets on the correct train, makes it to the hostel safely, arrives at the activities on time, and most importantly – has fun! They will be with you from the start to the end of the trip, there to answer any question you have and recommend things to do in each city.

Group activities are great value, as the price includes transport, accommodation, included activities, and the security of a tour leader. The activities, which we have recently revised and restructured, include scuba diving, wine tours and pancake-boat-trips, just to name a few! These will be for the entire group, including the leader, and transport there is also included.

The group usually enjoys meals and drinks together, so it’s quite a sociable trip. These tours are for everyone, there is no pressure to drink or party, and there is plenty of opportunity to soak up the culture. You can spend it however you like – it is your holiday after all.

If you have any others questions which we haven’t covered, email with your query.

What does the tour leader do?

The leader will take you from A – B, so from the train station to the hostel or hostel to the activity. They are not a tour guide and do not organise any tours within the city. Our leaders are there to co-ordinate your trip so you can go to them with any questions you may have whilst you are away. They are an employee of Euroventure and are there as an immediate point of contact. Our leaders sometimes stay in the same dorm as the group and become ‘one of the group’ so it is a very friendly environment.

What happens once I book?

Around 3 weeks before you will receive a welcome email with details of the meeting point and time. 2 weeks before you will receive a medical form and a PDF Travel Pack which includes where you will be staying, trip itinerary and some extra tips for each city. 1 week before a WhatsApp Group will be created so that you can start getting to know your fellow travellers. On the day of the tour, you will start with a welcome meeting by your Tour Leader.

When will I receive more information about my trip?

Around three weeks before your tour begins, we’ll get in touch to say hello again and make sure you have completed your personal detail and medical forms. In the next couple of weeks leading up to the group tour, you’ll receive further information on your meeting point, trip itinerary, where you’ll be staying, optional activities that are available to purchase and we’ll create a WhatsApp group so you can start getting to know everyone before you depart on your trip.


Will I receive a physical travel pack if I'm on a group tour?

No – you’ll only receive a PDF version of your travel pack, around two weeks prior to your tour starting. On the day of the tour, your tour leader will give you your interrail pass (if required) and explain how it works.

Do I need to need to be vaccinated to join a group tour?

At present, we don’t require all of our group tour customers to be fully vaccinated (including boosters) to join one of our group tours. You are however expected to research the current entry requirements and restrictions – regardless of your vaccination status – before your tour starts.

Do I have to do all the included activities?

While all the group activities are included in the price, and you cannot receive a refund if you miss these – it is still your holiday, so if you don’t fancy an activity, feel free to miss it.

How do I book the optional activities?

A few weeks before your tour, you’ll be sent a link to your activity portal to book any optional activities.

Can I extend or change my group tour trip once I have booked/ once I’m on the trip?

Unfortunately not. As happy as we are that you’re having such a good time, the general rule of no changes within 90 days still applies – everything has been booked and confirmed.

Can we join as a couple?

Yes! Of course, you can travel on one of our Group Tours as a couple however, please bare in mind that the sleeping arrangements are single bed, shared mixed dorms with the rest of the group. Other than that, you can spend as much time with or without the group as you please.

There is free time incorporated into your itinerary for you and your partner to go and do activities by yourselves. Being a couple should make no difference to your experience on the tour as our groups are very friendly and inclusive!

Can I stay in a private room instead?

The whole group stays together in shared mixed hostel dorms for the whole trip, so there is no other accommodation option on group tours, unfortunately.

Is there an age limit on your group tours?

Yes, there is an age limit on our group tours – between 18 – 35 years. We have this limit because hostels usually work with these age limits, so this is to avoid any groups not being able check in. We can still organise a custom trip for you with the group tour destinations if you’d be interested?

Does the tour include transport from London?

Only the following tours have transport from London included at the beginning: Whole of Europe and Central Europe. The Whole of Europe and Western Europe both end in London. Our other tours require you (the traveller) to get your own transport to and from the start and end destinations. You will need to independently get to the first hostel where the welcome meeting takes place.

Everything else in between

Do I need to need to be vaccinated to join a group tour?

At this stage, we do require all of our group tour customers to be fully vaccinated (including boosters) to join one of our group tours. This is simply to ensure the tour runs as smoothly as possible for all of our customers on the trip.

What are the entry requirements and COVID restrictions where I'm going?

It is completely your responsibility to look into the entry requirements and restrictions in each country. Euroventure follows the advice of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office when it comes to determining whether a country is safe to visit. If it is not at all possible to visit there and the advise is not to travel, then we will get in touch with you.

We would recommend checking the following places for up-to-date information: FCO, Re-Open EU, Sherpa.

Do you offer any activities or extras that I can add onto my trip?

Yes! If you head on over to our Euroventure shop, you’ll be able to see all the activities that we offer through our partners and providers. As it is you who will be booking the majority of these, please take extra care to ensure you give yourself enough time, and that you have the right date of when you will be in that city, as it may not be possible to get a refund for any mistakes.

I have leftover Euroventure Credit or balance on a Euroventure Gift Card that I don’t think I’ll use on a trip, can I get a refund instead?

We are unable to provide any cash refunds for EV Credit Notes or Gift Cards. As per our terms and conditions, you forfeit any remaining balance upon expiry of this.

Why don’t we offer every destination in Europe?

Currently, we only travel to destinations which have been vetted by us, so we know that we are sending you to the best-possible hotels and hostels. We offer a multitude of destinations in over 20 countries throughout Europe- so even if we can’t offer your exact destination, we are bound to get somewhere close.

What are the opening hours if I have an emergency?

From January 2023 our offices are open 7 days a week. We are open Monday to Sunday 9am – 5pm. However, our emergency line is open 24/7 365 days a year – If you give us a call and leave a voicemail detailing your emergency, someone will give you a call back.

How is this a more sustainable way of travelling?

Travelling by plane emits almost 20 times more CO2 than travelling by train, meaning interrailing is a more sustainable mode of travelling.

Read more on how Euroventure has gone Carbon Neutral!

I have already applied my Flexi-Start, can I change the date again?

If you have already used your flexi-start and you wish to make further changes, you will be subject to our usual £50pp change fee, and you will be quoted at current prices. So your ‘locked’ price from 2020 will be lost.