Book with Confidence

We know that there is a lot more to consider when going abroad than ever before and whilst it may seem daunting, or a bit of a gamble, it really doesn’t have to be. Let us explain to you why now is as good-a-time as any to book a getaway with Euroventure.

Why Book Now?

Booking a holiday should be about counting down the days and surrounded by excitement – not worry or nerves about whether it’s too risky. That’s why we’ve introduced Flexi-Start, which is included with all new bookings until the end of 2021, giving you complete peace of mind about your upcoming holiday.

Flexi-Start allows you to change the date of your holiday up to just 30-days before you’re due to depart – giving you a clear idea of what conditions will be like in the countries and cities you will be visiting. If you don’t feel comfortable travelling to a particular place – no problem, just let us know and we can work with you to swap this for another destination. Or if you don’t feel comfortable in travelling at all, then you can delay your departure for up to 18 months – you’re in complete control. Click here for the full T&Cs on Flexi-Start.

Your Holiday

Safety is of course our undisputed priority, but you can rest assured that the quality of your Euroventure holiday won’t suffer as a result of COVID-19 either. We’ve worked hard over the years to earn great reviews from our customers – we know what you want and we know what works. So just because somewhere is deemed safe by the FCO to visit, it doesn’t mean you have to go there if everything is going to be closed once you arrive.

If this is going to be the case, we’ll get in touch with you to discuss the possiblity of rerouting your trip to somewhere you can enjoy. You can also of course activate your Flexi-Start and decide to go on your trip at a later date; or if over 50% of your route is affected by FCO restrictions, we’re happy to offer you a refund too.

No Quarantine Qualms

We know that for some people, having to quarantine back on arrival in the UK just isn’t a viable option and trying to second guess the government in regards to which countries will be added to the quarantine list is, well, tricky. That’s why we guarantee to make sure you avoid all quarantined areas on your tour before depart, and will assist you in avoiding newly restricted countries where possible when you are away.

24 hour Support

Our job doesn’t just end once your holiday has begun – we’re here to help throughout the whole of your experience with Euroventure. So in the event that any rules should change or anything drastic happen, which may affect you whilst you’re away, you’ll be able to get in touch with us – no matter whether it’s during office hours or not.

Risk Free Bookings

You can secure your trip with just a 10% deposit and don’t have to pay a penny more until 90 days before your trip. If you’ve fully paid, you have up to 30 days prior to departing to decide if you’re comfortable in travelling. If not – no problem – you can rearrange your trip for anytime within the following 18 months. Risk free, stress free.


When do I have to use my Flexi-Start/Postponement/Euroventure Credit by?

You have 18-months from your original departure date to select a new travel date and finalise your plans, but you have three-years from your original departure date to actually travel in.

I want to defer my original departure date as I don’t feel comfortable in travelling at the moment, but I don’t know exactly when I want to rearrange my trip for yet – what are my options?

You don’t have to decide on a new departure date right away – if you have a Flexi-Start or a postponement on your account, you can simply activate this and then have a think about when you would like to travel. All we ask is that you lock in a final travel date no later than 18-months from your original departure date.

What if one of my cities is added to the quarantine list? I don't want to isolate when I return!

We don’t expect you to be resigned to having to isolate upon returning back home: you can activate your Flexi-Start and take your trip at a later date, so you don’t miss out on a particular city you wanted to visit!

What if my new departure date is affected by a National Lockdown or the Foreign and Commonwealth Office recommends against travelling?

If you’ve already used your Flexi Start/Postponement/Credit to select a new travel date, which then falls into a period of national lockdown/FCO ban against essential travel, then you will be able to move it again free of charge. This is the only exception, if you are choosing to change your new start date for another reason (there are no travel restrictions at the time) then you will need to pay the standard change fee.

What if the rules and restrictions change whilst I'm away?

We have a 24-hour emergency helpline, so we’ll always be on hand to help with any problems you come across. In the event that one of the cities you are due to visit imposes a lockdown or something similar, we’ll get in touch to reroute your trip where possible. If this is not possible, any extra expense your incur in getting home would need to be referred to your travel insurance provider, as sadly this would be out of our control and therefore not covered by the Travel Package Regulations.

What if I get COVID or have to isolate as my trip was due to begin?

If you contract Coronavirus or have to isolate which overlaps with your departure date, then sadly it will be too late to use your Flexi-Start. If the Foreign & Commonwealth Office advises against travel to all of your destinations, then you will be able to rearrange your trip or be refunded. If it is still possible to travel to these destinations, according to the FCO, then sadly we cannot rearrange your trip or offer a refund and you should speak to your travel insurance provider.

I have a Postponement/Flexi-Start on my trip, but I want to change my route, is this possible?

One of the benefits your Flexi Start or Postponement is that it locks in the price of your trip (unless the new dates fall on a festival/event which causes a surcharge) – it also locks in the route/trip. If you want to change your route, then we can convert your booking to that of a Euroventure Credit instead. You can then use this credit against any Euroventure set trip, custom route, or group tour. You can take one long trip using all your balance or split it up into several shorter, cheaper trips. Your credit can then be used to create a new route, at which you will be quoted at our current rates. Please bear in mind that it is always cheaper to book in advance with us, so the later you leave this, the more chance you’ll have to pay the difference and more towards your new trip.

I have already used my Postponement/Flexi Start/Euroventure Credit to select a new date – can I move this again?

If you have already used your postponement/flexi-start/all your credit to select a new departure date, then you will have to pay the £50 per person change fee in order to select a new date of travel. If it is less than 90-days before you are due to depart, you will be unable to change your departure date.

I have a Euroventure Credit, but I don’t think I’ll have the time to travel on my originally planned trip in the future, what can I do?

A credit gives you the flexibility to spend your balance on any Euroventure set trip, custom route, or group tour. You can take one long trip using all your balance or split it up into several shorter, cheaper trips or even gift it to your friends and family. You have 18-months from your original departure date to finalise your travel plans but you have three-years from your original departure date to actually travel in.

I don’t want to use all the balance on my Euroventure credit: can I just use some of it and get the outstanding balance refunded?

No change will be given from Euroventure credit. If you do not use your balance within the 18-months your credit is valid for then you will forfeit any remaining funds.

Am I eligible for a refund?

Your due-date is also the point at which your trip becomes non-refundable. If you wish to cancel your trip before this date, we can refund any further payments made, with the exception of your non-refundable deposits. If you wish to cancel your trip after your due-date, we cannot offer you a refund of any kind. Your due-date refers to 90-days prior to your original departure date, unless otherwise stated – this date will not change even if you opt to change your trip to a later departure date.

What about potential 'vaccine passports' or if I have to provide a negative test certificate on entry into each country I visit?

These are completely your responsibility to make sure you fulfil and meet the criteria. If you fail to meet the requirements to enter a certain country and can therefore not attend your trip, you will not be eligble for a refund. If it is over 30 days prior to the start of your trip and you haven’t yet used your Flexi Start, we would recommend contacting us and considering deferring your trip, if you are unsure or have doubts about any of the requirements to ensure you do not lose out.