After a tough couple of years for everyone, it’s time to make up for lost time and get back to exploring our amazing continent! You can find out much more about us here, but below are just some of the main reasons why you can book with confidence when booking with Euroventure. Scroll further down to check out all our FAQs, whether you’ve already booked or are still weighing up your options.

Award-Winning Customer Service

We’re on hand 7-days a week to ensure you get a timely and helpful response to any of your queries, questions, or problems. There’s no stock answers or generic templates – you’ve taken the time to email us, so we’ll take the time to give you a worthy response.

24/7 Trip Support

We’ve helped you to plan and organise your Euroventure trip and made sure you’re as prepared as possible with your bespoke Travel Pack; but we know that sometimes, you may run into things that require an extra helping hand when you’re away. If it’s something outside of office hours, and it’s just not feasible or possible to wait for us to open, then you’ll have access to our 24-hour emergency helpline to make sure you can be at complete ease throughout your trip.

Flexible Payments

We only require a 10% deposit to secure your booking and then the rest isn’t due until 90 days before your trip starts. How you pay the rest in between that time is completely up to you, allowing you to pay off your holiday in manageable chunks that suits your budget and needs.


Is it quicker to get in touch with you via email or phone?

Email is always the best way to contact us, so we can direct your query to the right person to give you a well-informed and thought-through response to your question. Providing all relevant information, like your reference number, will help us to provide you with a response quicker.

If you’re yet to book, please email If you have already booked, please email – or if you are a group tour customer.


Is my booking financially secure?

Yes, 100%! Your booking is insured by International Passenger Protection so if something happens to Euroventure, your money is always safe and would be returned to you in full by the insurers, even if you trip has already begun. We are also members of the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), the official industry body for tour operators, with membership number Y6273. We are regulated by them and must operate by a consumer code of conduct, so they ensure our insurance is valid and up to date.

Can I stay in a hostel if I am travelling with children?

Although many hostels will take under 18s, generally our hostels do not accept young children, even in private rooms. Hostels are great fun but may not be an appropriate environment for young children, since many will have bars and nightclubs on site and their facilities may not be child friendly. It goes without saying that for safety reasons, children cannot stay in dorm rooms with other adults, even when accompanied by their parents. If you would like to travel with children, you can do so but you will need to stay in hotel rooms.

Do I travel as a group or with somebody from Euroventure?

With our set trip and custom route Interrail packages, you’ll travel on your own or in your own group of friends. We don’t add other customers to your trip and you won’t have a guide with you. That’s not to say you won’t meet people – travelling in hostels you’re bound to meet loads of cool people, but by travelling with us you’re free to do that at your own pace. Euroventure trips are all about independence – you just follow the itinerary and do your own thing, knowing that we’re only a phone call away if you run into difficulty. If you’d prefer to travel with a group, we also run group tours in Europe. For these trips, you’ll travel with a group of likeminded backpackers and at least one guide from Euroventure. With these tours, we’ll travel in a group and stay together in hostels, however in each location you will have some free time to explore independently.

What do I get when I book a package?

You get all train travel and accommodation included in the price. That is, all train travel between the first city and last city on the trip and accommodation in the best hostels in each city, or in hotels if you choose this option. For loop trips you also get return train and Eurostar travel from anywhere in the UK to the continent and back, but flights are not included in any of our packages as we are a carbon negative company. You get breakfast in some hostels too, and can add this as an extra in hotels. You’ll also get a detailed itinerary telling you exactly what trains to get and directions to the hostels. So all that’s left for you to purchase is flights (if required), travel insurance and spending money.

Can I change my trip after booking?

If it within 90 days of your departure date then it is not possible to change any element of your trip, as we will have already started booking all the elements of your holiday. If your due date hasn’t passed and there are more than 90 days before you depart, then you can change your trip. Please note that there is a £50 change per person for amending your booking, and you will be quoted at our current rates to accommodate your new requests – which may mean you have to pay more towards your holiday.

I'm a solo female-traveller - will I be in female-only dorms?

When planning a trip with our trip experts or booking online, if you require female-only dorms, please enquire about this with us before booking your trip. As standard, hostel dorms refer to mixed-gender dorms. Female-only dorms are usually more expensive and will require you to upgrade your accommodation.

I’ve paid in full for my holiday – when can I expect to get all the details about my trip?

You’ll receive your travel pack, which includes information about all your train times, accommodation, directions and useful tips, 1-4 weeks before you depart.


Will I receive a physical travel pack, or will this be sent by email?

This depends on where you live and what kind of tickets/passes are best suited to your route. Our Travel Team will inform you once your travel pack is almost ready at what to expect.


Can I get in touch with you to discuss a booking if I’m not the lead booker?

We understand that multiple people in a travel party may all have various and specific questions they would like us to answer. For data protection purposes, and to help avoid any unnecessary confusion, we ask that all correspondence to us is made solely through the lead booker on the account.


Can I change the name of a person in our travel party?

If there is more than 90-days before your trip begins, then you can change the name of a traveller for our usual £50 admin fee. Please email with your reference number and the relevant information regarding the change to arrange this.


When do I need to complete my Travel Preference and Personal Details forms by?

As soon as possible! Not completing these can and will cause delays to us booking all the elements of your trip, and in turn, you receiving your travel pack. If you have any problems with these forms, please email at your earliest convenience.

You can access the Travel Preferences form here and the Personal Details form here.


I’ve changed my mind; can I do my Travel Preference form again?

If you’re still outside of the 90-day window before your trip begins, then you will be able to submit another form with different preferences on. However please email us to let us know about this and so we can ensure we book your trip based on your most up to date preferences. If there is less than 90-days before your trip starts, you cannot change your preferences as we will have already started booking your trip.

You can access the Travel Preferences form here.

Do you need my passport information?

Yes! We are unable to book key elements of your trip without your passport information. If you need to renew your passport, please ensure you do so in good time and will have your passport back 90 days before your trip begins. If you are a UK citizen, you can find out more information relating to passport validity after Brexit here.


What happens if I don’t pay for my trip on time and miss my due date?

We really need the 90 days before your trip to get everything sorted for you so it’s really important that you do pay your invoice off on time and there is a £100 per week late fee, as per our terms and conditions. That said, we understand that times are tough at the moment and we don’t want you to have to sacrifice your holiday. If this is the case, please get in touch with us at, with plenty of notice before your due date and we’ll do our best to help and work something out that suits everyone.


I’m booked on a group tour, when will I receive more information about my trip?

Around three weeks before your tour begins, we’ll get in touch to say hello again and make sure you have completed your personal detail and medical forms. In the next couple of weeks leading up to the group tour, you’ll receive further information on your meeting point, trip itinerary, where you’ll be staying, optional activities that are available to purchase and we’ll create a WhatsApp group so you can start getting to know everyone before you depart on your trip.


Will I receive a physical travel pack if I'm on a group tour?

No – you’ll only receive a PDF version of your travel pack, around two weeks prior to your tour starting. On the day of the tour, your tour leader will give you your interrail pass (if required) and explain how it works.

Do I need to need to be vaccinated to join a group tour?

At this stage, we do require all of our group tour customers to be fully vaccinated (including boosters) to join one of our group tours. This is simply to ensure the tour runs as smoothly as possible for all of our customers on the trip.

Do you offer any activities or extras that I can add onto my trip?

Yes! If you head on over to our Euroventure shop, you’ll be able to see all the activities that we offer through our partners and providers. As it is you who will be booking the majority of these, please take extra care to ensure you give yourself enough time, and that you have the right date of when you will be in that city, as it may not be possible to get a refund for any mistakes.

What are the entry requirements and COVID restrictions where I'm going?

It is completely your responsibility to look into the entry requirements and restrictions in each country. Euroventure follows the advice of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office when it comes to determining whether a country is safe to visit. If it is not at all possible to visit there and the advise is not to travel, then we will get in touch with you.

We would recommend checking the following places for up-to-date information: FCO, Re-Open EU, Sherpa.

Am I eligible for a refund?

Your original due-date is also the point at which your trip becomes non-refundable. If you wish to cancel your trip before this date, we can refund any further payments made, with the exception of your non-refundable deposits. If you wish to cancel your trip after your due-date, we cannot offer you a refund of any kind. Your due-date refers to 90-days prior to your original departure date, unless otherwise stated – this date will not change even if you opt to change your trip to a later departure date.

How do I know if I have a ‘Flexi-Start’ on my account?

If you booked before March 2020 or after March 2022 then you will not have a Flexi Start on your account. In between this period, it is likely that you do have a Flexi-Start – if you are unsure then please check your invoice or with us by emailing

What is Flexi-Start and how to I use it?

Flexi-Start allows you to change your departure date up to just 30-days prior to your original departure date if there are substantial COVID restrictions which will affect your trip. You can then defer your trip and select another departure date within the following 18-months, when you feel comfortable in travelling again. You can only use Flexi-Start once, this can only be used in relation to COVID restrictions, and please bear in mind it will mean that you will receive your travel pack later than usual – around one week prior to your trip.

I’d rather receive my travel pack sooner – can I remove the Flexi-Start from my account?

Yes! We know that COVID is no longer at the forefront of everyone’s minds, and whilst some people will want the peace of mind of keeping this on their account, if you would prefer to receive your travel pack sooner, then it is possible to remove the Flexi-Start from your account. Please note that within 90 days of your trip, you will be unable to make any changes to your itinerary, and your original due date remains active and relevant towards our terms and conditions.

I have leftover Euroventure Credit or balance on a Euroventure Gift Card that I don’t think I’ll use on a trip, can I get a refund instead?

We are unable to provide any cash refunds for EV Credit Notes or Gift Cards. As per our terms and conditions, you forfeit any remaining balance upon expiry of this.