Tour Leader - Backup

As a Tour Leader for Euroventure, you’ll be responsible for the day to day running of our European trips – getting our travellers from city to city, checking them into their accommodation, pointing out the best sights and sounds of Europe and making sure everyone has a great time along the way. We are looking for people with personality and passion, who are fun, friendly, and approachable and most of all who enjoy looking after other people.

As a tour leader, you will be directly representing Euroventure to our customers. You’ll be dealing with our passengers, suppliers and providers each day and ensuring that your travellers have the holiday of a lifetime! We have high expectations of our tour leaders – only the best will do.

You’ll be responsible for all these areas, which means you’ll need to:

  • Be confident and knowledgeable – you will be guiding a group of mostly first-time travellers who may lack confidence and are trusting in you to make their trip a success. “Good enough” won’t do – you need to make sure you are prepared for any situation, can answer questions where possible and find out the answers ASAP if not.
  • Be responsible and professional at all times – remember, although you’re travelling with the group, you’re their tour leader, not their mate. That means following the code of conduct – we have a zero tolerance policy for any inappropriate behaviour.
  • Be enthusiastic and motivated – we expect you to work hard for our company and for our travellers. That means being the person who can motivate and encourage the group, as well as taking an active interest in the activities.
  • Have great time management skills – you’ll need to be up early, ensuring that you’ve arranged activities and drinks etc in plenty of time & have checked out any issues. That means creating proper plans and reporting back daily to the office.
  • Be able to deal with all types of people – our travellers come from all around the globe; they are from different backgrounds and have many different expectations.
  • Enjoy a challenge – trips may present you with many different and tricky situations – you need to be adaptive and full of initiative to deal with these calmly and professionally.
  • Be positive and able to deal with all situations in a calm and mature manner, while reassuring the group and minimising disruption to the trip, e.g. if a train is delayed.
  • Go above and beyond – ideally it won’t be necessary, but it’s possible you’ll need to assist clients with lost passports, injuries or hospital visits.
  • Work well as part of a team – when you are on tour you will be working with our office staff, local suppliers and day guides – you’ll need to know exactly who’s providing what and when, what has been arranged and what needs to be arranged.
  • Manage a budget – you’ll have to ensure that you stick to the budget as far as booking activities and tickets goes, as well as recording expenses and keeping receipts.
  • Be organised – you’ll need to ensure you register which travellers want to participate in optional activities, collect fees for these activities and ensure that the correct number of spots are booked.
  • Be decisive – you need to have initiative and make quick, clear decisions to avoid any confusion, whether when following a pre-arranged plan or dealing with unexpected situations that may arise.

Job Type: Freelance

Salary: £22,000.00 to £25,000 per year depending on experience. Please note that accommodation and travel are provided on tour but we do not pay expenses for food.

Candidates must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

To apply please email your CV and covering letter to