I am having problems checking in

There are many reservation systems that hostels and hotels use, and sometimes the staff at reception may have trouble finding your booking. If they can’t find it for whatever reason, the best thing to do is ask if they have availability anyway so that you can check in. Then, we will sort out the admin in the background when we are next in the office. Sometimes you won’t need to pay anything up front, which will give us the change to get in touch and sort it out for you, and others you might be charged. Don’t worry, we will reimburse you this cost in full as soon as you send us the receipt. If there is no availability and they can’t find your booking, we will cover the cost of your transport to another similar accommodation type and pay for that instead. This is very uncommon, and is just intended to provide reassurance in case you can’t get in touch with us.

I have missed a train

If you are using a pass, and your journey was green in your travel pack, you will be able to get on the next train without needing anything else. If you are using a pass, and your journey was amber in your travel pack, the best thing to do is go to the ticket office, show your pass and ask for a seat reservation for the next train (remembering to show them your pass). There will be a small charge for this. If your journey was red in your travel pack and your train was cancelled, go to the ticket office and ask to exchange it for another train. This should be free since the train you were due to go on was cancelled. Similarly if you missed your connection due to the late arrival of your previous train, it’s best to ask at the ticket office. For all other circumstances you will need to buy a new train ticket. If you feel that we need to reimburse you for this for any reason, please keep copies of receipts and write to us explaining what the situation was.