Complaints Submission Form

Make a Complaint

We’re really sorry to hear that not everything has gone to plan on your trip. Please use the form below to tell us what happened, and we’ll do our best to help resolve the issue with you.

Since we take great pride in our excellent service, it’s only natural that we take all complaints very seriously. We don’t believe in keeping you waiting, and will contact you as soon as possible within office hours regarding the issues you’ve described below.

Away now and need urgent assistance? Don’t forget, you can always ring the emergency out of hours number in your travel pack.

Customer Complaints

  • We will need to discuss your complaint with the lead booker. If you are not the lead booker, we will obtain the lead booker's permission for you to discuss your complaint with us directly.
  • Your booking reference, which can be found on your trip summary. Generally this will start with PP, AA, OB or GT
  • Tell us about what happened in your own words, please provide specific examples of exactly what happened
  • Tell us when and where the problem arise?
  • Tell us how you would ideally like to have your complaint resolved
  • Unless otherwise instructed, we will use the email address or phone number on file to contact the lead booker regarding your complaint.
  • If your phone number is different from the one we have on file, please tell us the best number or email to use.