Accommodation Guide

What kind of accommodation should I pick?

Everyone’s got different requirements for their interrail trip, so we’ve got a variety of options to match your budget and the experience you’d like to have while you’re away! From hostel dorms, our cheapest and most popular option, to luxurious 5* hotels – we can arrange these details with you while you discuss your route with our friendly trip experts.

You can choose your accommodation type when you book a set route online, or simply reply to your custom quote with any tweaks you’d like to make and we’ll be happy to help. You don’t even have to stick to just one option – if you’d like to mix and match just ask!

To find out a bit more about our different options, check out our guide below. Prices vary from quote to quote but the following are listed roughly in order of cost:

Hostel Dorms

Hostel dorms are the cheapest and most sociable option, and they’re perfect if you’re on a tight budget and looking to meet loads of like-minded people!

You’ll stay in rooms of 8 – 14 travellers, meeting people from all over the world. You’ll also enjoy spending time in our awesome boutique hostels – all are handpicked for their excellent facilities, awesome atmospheres and central locations.

We only use the best, most modern and sociable hostels along the way which we have personally visited to make sure they’re suitable, with all the facilities you would expect from a top hostel.

All will have free WiFi and lockers to keep your stuff secure. Most have bars on site, as well as kitchens and breakfast is often available to add on if you wish – plus you can get involved in various activities put on by the hostels, such as pub crawls and city tours.

Hostels: Small Dorms or Single Sex Dorms

If you’re keen to stay in a hostel but you’d prefer to upgrade to either a smaller dorm (4 – 6 beds) or a single sex room, just let us know. We’ll be happy to accommodate this for you. Perfect if you’re travelling alone and want a slightly quieter experience without having to book out a private room. 

Private Hostel Rooms

Looking for a bit more privacy, but still want to save a bit of cash and enjoy the plus sides of hostels? Upgrade to private hostel rooms for the best of both worlds!

This is the perfect option if you’re not keen on the idea of sharing a room with others but still want to meet people. Ensuites are not guaranteed in Private Rooms which is the main difference between them and hotel rooms. Private rooms are usually for two, four, six or eight, so if you’re travelling in a couple or a group this could be a great option!

Hotels: Standard (3*) or Luxury (4*+)

Looking for classic comfort on your trip? Our 3* standard hotels provide a great option and include chains such as Mercure and IBIS. We also book carefully selected independent hotels of the same star rating where that’s the best option.

Just like with all our accommodation, all the standard hotels we choose are centrally located and well connected by public transport, so you’ll never end up stranded. All hotels include private bathrooms.

Making your trip a once in a lifetime experience? Upgrade to luxury hotels and guarantee yourself 4* standard accommodation throughout your stay. Sofitel, MGallery and Esplanade hotels are just some of the excellent options we offer in our 4* range.

Many offer pools, restaurants and room service to make your stay even more relaxing! 

For the best of the best we also offer 5* hotels. Please enquire for details.

Travelling Solo?

If you’re travelling solo and on a tight budget, remember that private hostel and hotel rooms are usually for two people. This means that to book out the whole room for just one person works out much more expensive than if you share with another person.

Staying in one of our hostel options will save you a ton of money and might even make your stay more enjoyable as you’ll be able to meet people more easily!

Interrail quotes in dorms are frequently half the price of hotel prices in this situation, so it’s worth enquiring about both options so that you can make a fair comparison!