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Budgeting your Money

So now you’ve booked your Euroventure trip, you don’t need to worry about paying for accommodation or your transport between each city. But there are plenty of other things to consider. Whether you’re a fresh-faced backpacker or a seasoned luxury-traveller, we’ve got the lowdown on budgeting for your journey. From meals and city taxes to what’s included in your package, we’re here to guide you through it all.

Budget-Friendly Dining

Central Europe: Picture yourself in Prague, Budapest, or Vienna. Hostel kitchens are your best friend, offering budget meals at €5-€10. Local eateries provide wallet-friendly options at €8-€15. For an extra pinch of savings, explore street eats starting from €2-€5.

Western Europe: Whether it be Paris or Brussels, start your day with a croissant (€2-€4) or embrace café culture with meals at €10-€15. In Berlin, affordable coffee (€2-€3) is a thing, and bistros offer dinner delights at €15-€30.

Southern Europe: Hola, Barcelona! Ciao, Rome! Dive into pizza love for €8-€15 or savor Spanish paella at around €20-€30. Oh, and don’t miss out on the gelato (€2-€4) followed by a good cup of coffee (€1.50-€3).


Top Tip: Why not take a small container with you to store those leftovers? Save on cost, waste and have a great meal ready to go the following day!

Indulge and Delight

Central and Western Europe: Feeling fancy? Paris (€30-€60), London (€40-€60), Brussels (€30-€60), and Vienna (€30-€60) have you covered. Coffee (€2-€4), beer (€5-€8), and wine (€4-€8) are all within reach.

Southern Europe: Ready for gourmet? Rome (€30-€50) and Barcelona (€30-€50) have culinary delights in store. Raise your glass to local wines, priced at €4-€10, or a glass of cold beer (€3-€5).


Top Tip: Whilst your hotel may be located centrally, don’t be afraid to wander away from the rest of the tourists. It’s there you’ll find the most authentic and delicious food – and usually at better prices too!

City Tax

City taxes—your nod to the city’s magic! Expect around €1-€4 per person per night. It’s your (mandetory) contribution to the cities you’ll cherish by the end of your stay. These need to be paid by each traveller upon arrival into the city – it’s not included in your Euroventure package, nor is it possible for us to pay this on your behalf for you, prior to your arrival.

Tips for Savvy Budgeting

For Backpackers

Hostel Cooking: Embrace communal kitchens. Cooking your own meals saves cash and is a great way to meet fellow travelers.

Street Food Delights: Local markets and street food stalls offer authentic flavors on a budget.

City Passes: Invest in city passes for attractions and public transportation discounts.

For Hotel Holiday Makers

Local Eateries: Venture away from touristy spots for cheaper meals with authentic flavors.

Lunch Deals: Enjoy the same meal for less by opting for lunchtime menus at restaurants.

Happy Hour: Take advantage of happy hour specials for drinks and bites.

On The Move

When exploring Europe’s vibrant cities, understanding the local public transport options and their associated costs can significantly impact your travel budget. Here’s a breakdown of public transport prices in some popular European destinations, along with a rough estimate for a 5km taxi journey:

1. London, England:

  • Single Tube/Bus Fare: £2.40 (with an Oyster Card) or £4.90 (cash)
  • Daily Travelcard Zone 1-2: £13.10
  • 5km Taxi Journey (Approximate): £12-£15

2. Paris, France:

  • Single Metro/Bus Ticket: €1.90
  • 10-Ticket Carnet: €16.90
  • 5km Taxi Journey (Approximate): €12-€15

3. Rome, Italy:

  • Single Metro/Bus/Tram Ticket: €1.50
  • Daily Travelcard (24 hours): €7.00
  • 5km Taxi Journey (Approximate): €12-€15

4. Berlin, Germany:

  • Single Metro/Bus/Tram Ticket (AB Zone): €2.90
  • Daily Travelcard (AB Zone): €8.80
  • 5km Taxi Journey (Approximate): €10-€12

5. Barcelona, Spain:

  • Single Metro/Bus Ticket: €2.40
  • T-10 Ticket (10 journeys): €10.20
  • 5km Taxi Journey (Approximate): €10-€12

6. Prague, Czech Republic:

  • Single Metro/Tram/Bus Ticket: 32 CZK
  • 24-Hour Travelcard: 110 CZK
  • 5km Taxi Journey (Approximate): 200-250 CZK

7. Budapest, Hungary:

  • Single Metro/Bus/Tram Ticket: 350 HUF
  • 24-Hour Travelcard: 1,650 HUF
  • 5km Taxi Journey (Approximate): 2,000-2,500 HUF

Remember, exploring a city by public transport not only saves money but also allows you to experience local life and culture up close. So, whether you’re hopping on the iconic London Tube or cruising through Berlin’s U-Bahn, public transport is an eco and budget-friendly and efficient way to navigate European cities.


Please note that taxi fares can vary depending on factors like time of day, traffic, and specific routes. Using public transport is often more cost-effective for short distances, but taxis can be convenient for specific journeys or groups.