Euroventure city guide


Euroventure city guide

Everything you need to know about Bruges

Stepping off the train into the narrow streets, miniature houses and intricate network of bridges and canals feels like entering a beautiful little toy town. Just outside the city you can see the charming old-fashioned windmills which surround the edge of Bruges’s medieval heart.

Quick facts

  • Location: Bruges, Belgium
  • Language: Flemish, but lots of people speak French
  • Population of city: 073
  • Nearest airport: Bruges Airport
  • Main train/bus station(s): Bruges Station
  • Best time to visit? May- August, December is good for Christmas time and Christmas markets.
  • Budget level? ££
  • Best for: Chocolate, churches/cathedrals, Michelangelo masterpiece, romantic and historic

Top Attractions

Belfry of Bruges

Medieval bell tower on market square, who’s fame increased after the film In Bruges starring Colin Pharrell. Head up to the tower for a panoramic view of the square from the top of the tower, and if you have seen the film you will also feel the height of how far the drop is down.


Belgium is the chocolate capital of the world (sorry Switzerland!) and this museum explores all the fine details of its production. From the Mayan development of cocoa to the bars we treat ourselves with today, Choc-story explores everything chocolate, ad with kids’ activities and plenty of free samples as you go round, this calorific experience is a must-see for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Basilica of the Holy Blood

Inside the Church you will find a phial made of rock crystal filled with blood that was brought to the city by Theirry of Alsace after the 12th century second crusade. The phial is believed to contain the blood of Jesus Christ and its brought out to be worshipped by believers every year. The next Holy Blood procession will be held on 13th May 2021.

The Church of Our Lady

An impressive 13th century cathedral, with s 122 metre spire that dominates Burge’s skyline. Having taken over 200 years to build, the cathedral is an incredible piece of architecture, described as a “monument to wealth and sophistication”. This is also where the impressive white marble sculpture of Madonna and Child created by Michelangelo in 1504 is. A must see!

Best Places To Go Out

  • Comptoir des Arts – This is a basement pub in the centre of Bruges it is known for its array of whiskeys. There is are also Jazz, blues and soul bands. Its also cosy and perfect in winter when it is chilly on a evening.
  • Le Trappiste pub/bar – beer tasting and very cosy bar with live atmosphere
  • Salon Lapin – a fancy lounge and bar that offers cocktails and mocktails in a cute charming little castle, its located in a quiet part far from the tourists.
  • Café rose red pub/bar- Good selection of beers, super cosy and chilled.
  • Den Gouden Karpel- The best Mussels in Bruges – They come served in a big pot as all traditional Mussels as they are a Belgian institution. But these ones are amaze. Even though the big pot is a one person portion there is a lot to get through.

Best Culture Spots

The Burg

Perfectly preserved gothic square in the town of Bruges, offering a feast of Gothic Architecture and a throwback to Bruges’ ancient origins. Most buildings were rebuilt in the 16th century but the Stadhuis is still faithful to its original 1376 design. Very impressive.

Bonifacius Bridge

One of the most picturesque spots in the town. It is also known as the “bridge of Love” There is a built-in bench to watch the boats and swans float by. This bridge looks like something out of the ancient times super cute and quaint but surprisingly is only over a century old.

Minnewater Bridge

Take a stroll over the Minnewater Bridge with your partner and you’ll forever be in love. At least according to a widespread folkloric belief that was sparked by the legend of star-crossed lovers Mina and Stromberg. Forced by her father to marry another man while her warrior love was off to battle, young Mina ran off into the woods and eventually died of exhaustion.


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