Euroventure city guide


Euroventure city guide

Everything you need to know about Geneva

Quick facts

  • Location: Geneva, Southern Switzerland
  • Language: French speaking part of Switzerland
  • Population of city: 200,000
  • Nearest airport: Geneva Airport
  • Main train/bus station(s): Geneva Gare Cornavin
  • Best time to visit? June-August
  • Budget level? £££
  • Best for: Landmarks – Scenic- Art & Culture – Romantic

Top Attractions

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is a lake on the north side of the Alps, shared between Switzerland and France. It is one of the largest lakes in Western Europe.

Jet d’Eau

Literally meaning ‘water jet’, is the huge Fountain on the Geneva Lake, in the city of Geneva, Switzerland. Jet d’Eau is one of the tallest fountain in the world.

Mont Saleve

Located just 20km from the center of GenevaMont Salève is a popular destination for a day trip. Whether a tourist looking for a relaxing escape into nature or a local sport lover

Palace of Nations

(Palais des Nations) one of the most active centres for multilateral diplomacy in the world. Walk in the chambers where many important historical negotiations took place

Explore the Old Town

An ancient maze of small streets and picturesque squares, filled with homey cafés, restaurants, galleries, museums and historical sights.

Main districts

Rive Gauche (Old Town)

The Old Town remains despite it losing its historic walls, and here you’ll find the Cathedral, antique stores (Vielle Ville) and dozens of bars & restaurants!

Rue de Rhone & Rue du Marche

Two of the main shopping streets in Geneva, so check out the high-end shops and have a well-earned shopping spree…?

Rive Droite

Here’s where the International Organisations in Geneva call home and the International Airport is in this district too.

Best Culture Spots

Lake Geneva

An extremely picturesque and iconic lake which boasts a dramatic view of Europe’s biggest mountains including Mt Blanc.

Old Town

Get your diplomatic head on and visit the UN or take in St Pierre Cathedral which is a stunning neoclassical building dating back to the 12th century.


The European Organisation for Nuclear Research and their visitor centre offers you the chance to learn more about mind blowing science.

Best places to go out

Geneva certainly isn’t known for its nightlife, but it still has something to offer whether it’s a party in a high-end club or a beer or two under the sun in the summer. Most of the nightlife is in the Old Town district known as Rive Gauche. Here are a few places which should do the trick:

Rooftop 42

A slick sports bar with a terrace offering a panoramic view of Geneva.

Club Fix

Check out L’Usine for an alternative affair which features artists that tick off every genre!


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