Interrail Journey Planner

Interrail Journey Planner

Europe is massive! So how on earth do you decide on what route to do?

We’ve all traveled Europe extensively, so to help you out we’ve pooled our interrailing experiences to show you how we would go about choosing. Check out the advice below and then use our custom trip tool to make a route or look at our most popular trips for inspiration. Remember to look at a good old fashioned map to see if the distance you want to cover is doable in the time you’ve got!

Planning Your Interrail Journey - Get Started

Where to start?

Not sure where to begin? Check out our ultimate guide to travelling Europe for a complete run down of how to plan your trip.

When planning your route, why not start in Paris, Amsterdam or Brussels so that you can take the Eurostar from London. If not, it’s best just to book a budget flight there and back. It can seem stressful finding the best prices, but don’t worry – there are loads of cheap deals to be found!

Thanks to our partners at Skyscanner, to find the best deals you can just head to our flight search console to compare prices for your trip across the continent and beyond!

Where to go?

Most people travel Europe’s biggest cities – they’re the ones with the most sites, best nightlife and coolest hostels. Trains are also most likely to be direct. Why not read our travel styles article to find out which European destination fits you best!

The best way to decide which you want to see is think about your priorities – do you want sun, culture, food, festivals, clubbing, chilling or a mix?

If you’re limited on time, stick to destinations in one area of the continent so you’re not spending all your time travelling. Browse our city guides or ask us where’s best for what!

How long should I go for?

The most popular length of time for interrailing is 4 weeks, so use that as a baseline either adding or taking one or two weeks off either side. Travelling long distances can be tiring, so don’t try doing too many ridiculously long journeys or you will spend more time on a train than at the destination. Check out our most popular trips for inspiration!

How long in each place?

This is crucial. We recommend at least 2 nights but preferably 3 in big cities like Paris, Rome, Berlin, etc. It’s easy to get carried away and want to see a new city every day but this is not practical and will be more expensive.

Also always remember to factor in the journey time. It’s super easy to forget how big Europe really is, and some trains can be long, so it’s quite common to travel up to 10 hours in a day. If you get into a city at 7pm and you have to leave again at 7am the next day, you’re not going to see much! So bear that in mind when you’re picking your route. We’re always happy to advise on this, but we can’t do the impossible – so check the map before attempting to travel from Lisbon to Prague in one day!


Budgets can be tricky –  but with Euroventure it’s made a lot easier, as you don’t have to worry about the cost of accommodation and train travel: just budget for your flights to and from the trip, food, entertainment and public transport. Read our guide to budgeting for more information on this!

You can use our trip search as an interrail journey planner by picking a country you’re interested in, with the duration you want, and we’ll show you a load of routes that go to or through that country. The routes we create are tried and tested, some are even created by yourselves and we are always updating and tweaking them.