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Travelling with friends this year?

Looking at going Interrailing in a group? Awesome! Travelling together is a great way to experience the world together. You have to do a big group holiday at least once in your life, right?!

Obviously, we can’t guarantee you’ll all get on perfectly the whole time… but with some careful planning you’ll have an incredible time. Staying in hostels is super sociable – giving you the chance to make new friends from all over the world and taking the pressure off your mates! There’s no rule to say you have to do everything together. In fact, it’s probably better if you don’t! Throughout your trip, keep everyone happy by splitting up to do different things – that way everyone gets the most out of the trip.

Interrail gives you the chance to be pretty flexible with your plans. Friends disagreeing about what time you should leave? Someone’s too hungover to get out of bed for that early train? No problem. The great thing about Interrailing is that you can hop on a train at a time that suits you – and catch up with your mates later!

Need more tips on Interrailing in a group? We created this guide to preserving your friendships (and your sanity) while travelling.

Save money by travelling in a group

Another bonus of Interrailing in a group is that you can take advantage of group discounts. Fancy some privacy? Book out a 6-bed dorm and you’ll have it all to yourself for a much lower price than booking 3 double rooms. Tons of activities and public transport services also offer group discounts – for example, you can save by getting a joint metro ticket for 4 on the Berlin Metro or share a taxi between the group.

Mates can't make it? We've got you covered

Sometimes it’s more fun to travel in a group but we know that convincing friends to come with you isn’t always easy. Finding a few weeks when you’re all free can be a challenge in itself! If this is you, why not look at our group tours? You’ll be travelling in a small group of 5-20 people just like you, with a tour leader to help it all run smoothly and make sure that you don’t miss out on anything!

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