What are night trains like?

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Loads of you guys ask us about night trains…

…what they’re like, what to expect and how they work. So to answer a few of the most common queries we get about this subject, we made a handy vlog! Check out Catherine’s guide.

Some of our trips include night trains as standard, but they can always be removed or sometimes especially added in – just use the custom trip builder to get in touch with us!

Try it for yourself!

These routes all include at least one night train
Group Tour

Whole of Europe Group Tour: 4 Weeks

28 Nights

London Amsterdam Berlin Prague Budapest Vienna Venice Rome Pisa Florence Nice Barcelona Paris London


Whole Hog: 3 Weeks

21 Nights

London Amsterdam Berlin Prague Vienna Budapest Zagreb Venice Florence Rome Paris London


Eastern Trooper: 3 Weeks

21 Nights

Berlin Krakow Prague Vienna Bratislava Budapest Belgrade Zagreb Split