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Our under 18s policy

16 - 18 Year Old Travellers

We know loads of you guys in 6th form and college are keen to sort out post-exam travels. We are more than happy to accommodate 16 and 17 year olds provided we have the consent of your parent/guardian and at least one member of your group is 18. Unfortunately due to hostel and hotel guidelines we are unable to provide trips for unaccompanied under 18s. Please note our Group Tours are for 18 – 35s only.

If you’re planning to go Interrailing and you (or any other members of your group) are aged 16-17 there are certain restrictions on the trips you can go on. While you are free to book any of our trips in hotels (provided your parents give consent) you won’t be able to book all of our trips in hostels, because some of our hostel partners are suitable for people aged 18+ only.

Travellers aged 16 and 17 can stay in hostels in some locations, dependent on the ruling of that individual hostel. Please note you will still require consent letters.

If you are keen to travel Europe and you or a member of your group is under 18, the best way to find a suitable trip is to contact us directly. We will then be able to talk you through your options in different parts of Europe.

Children under 16

As a rule, children under 16 cannot stay in hostel dorms for their own safety – even when accompanied by adults.

In some locations, children will not be able to stay in private dorms either. This is because the hostels that we use sometimes have facilities which are unsuitable for younger children, for example bars and common areas where people may consume alcohol. Children under 16 and their parents will, therefore, sometimes need to stay in hotels.

There are exceptions to this rule, so please don’t be put off enquiring. We have had many families go away on Euroventure trips in the past, so we’re confident that we can find an option that’s suitable for you with a bit of creative thinking!

Staying in hostels with your kids

Here are some cities where families can stay in private hostel rooms:

In the following cities, you can book a family room to keep costs down:

  • Amsterdam
  • Berlin
  • Brussels
  • Cologne
  • Copenhagen
  • Dortmund
  • Dresden
  • Frankfurt
  • Hamburg
  • Interlaken
  • Munich
  • Paris
  • Rotterdam
  • Salzburg
  • Stuttgart
  • Venice
  • Vienna

Fancy taking your family on a European adventure? Staying in hostels can help to keep the cost of your trip down. If you’d like to create a route based on the cities above and stay in hostels in order to keep the cost of your holiday down, why not head to our custom trip builder to design your own route.