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Our under 18s policy

16 - 18 Year Old Travellers

Whether it’s after your final year exams, or before you step foot into the world of full-time work, we know that for many the chance to travel and go interrailing may come before their 18th birthday. Whilst it absolutely is possible to explore the continent if you’re under 18, it’s important to know that there are certain restrictions and things you should know when travelling with Euroventure.

First of all, under 18’s aren’t allowed in shared hostel-dorms. It doesn’t matter if your 18th birthday is next month, your friends are all 18, or you look closer to 30 than you do 17 – you simply aren’t permitted to stay in shared dorms.

If you are travelling with someone who is 18+, then you may be able to stay in selected private hostel rooms, provided we have the consent of your parent/guardian. However please enquire with us first before booking this option online.

You are however free to book any of our trips in hotels; again, provided your parents give written consent and a member of the group is 18+.

If you are keen to travel Europe and you or a member of your group is under 18, the best way to find a suitable trip is to contact us directly. Our Trip Experts will then be able to talk you through your options in different parts of Europe.

Children under 16

It goes without saying that children under 16 also cannot stay in shared hostel-dorms. In most locations, children will not be able to stay in private dorms either – even if they are travelling with their parents. This is because the hostels that we use sometimes have facilities which are unsuitable for younger children, for example bars and common areas where people may consume alcohol. Children under 16 and their parents will therefore generally need to stay in hotels.