Visiting Europe in Spring

Visiting Europe in Spring

5 Reasons to Visit Europe this Spring!

Not ready for the January Blues? Don’t stress – there’s still time to escape to Europe in Spring… and we think it might just be the best time to go away. Go on…you know you deserve it.

1. Prices are cheaper

Going away between March and May can save you loads of money because kids are at school and it’s not peak holiday season. Going away in Spring means you’ll steal a great deal and give yourself something great to look forward to in the Winter months. Off peak also means fewer tourists, and fewer tourists means less stress and more time exploring the amazing cities you’ll visit!

2. Beat the Winter Blues

You know what’s worse than British summer weather? British winter weather! By going away in Spring you get the best of both worlds – get away somewhere where it’s still hot when the weather here is still giving you hypothermia, and then make the most of the “summer” here in the UK. Spring is often the best time to visit really hot countries like Spain and Italy, since you’ll avoid the scorching sun and humidity of peak season. It can also be beautiful in Northern Europe – think long walks on crisp clear days, green valleys and beautiful meadow flowers.

3. Experience some amazing new festivals

There are some amazing festivals and events to discover in Europe – why not head to one of the many music festivals which start the summer season early. There’s the Fallas de Valencia in March, April’s King’s Day festival in Amsterdam and Budapest’s Spring Music Festival, not to mention Spring Fest in Munich – it’s Oktoberfest’s infamous little sister.

4. Get the Summer season started!

We know the winter is a cold hard slog. The dark nights, the plummeting temperatures and months of work/uni/school without a holiday. So why wait till summer for a break? It’s wayyyy to far off in our opinion – you deserve a break! And if you’re worrying about exams, don’t. Let Euroventure whisk you off to bluer skies and worry about them with a clear head when you get back. Everyone knows too much work is never a good thing, right?

5. Enjoy the sun without the stress

We don’t know about you, but here at Euroventure we HATE a crowded beach in summer – posers in bikinis, the eternal quest for a sunlounger, screaming children on their family holidays, the misery of a melting ice cream in 40 degree heat. The struggle is real. What better way to avoid all these woes than to get yourself there 3 months earlier! The locals might find it too cold but us those of us from drearier climes will be donning the shorts as soon as the temperature goes above 20 degrees.

What are you waiting for? With some great deals coming up and plenty of packages to choose from, there’s no excuse. Europe is glorious in the Spring, so go on, treat yourself!

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