Sarajevo Guides

Guide to Sarajevo

It may not be the most popular city on Europe’s backpacker trail, but the small and mighty Sarajevo shouldn’t be underestimated.

It’s an up and coming hotspot for culture, shopping and history. Soak it all up and come back with some interesting tales to tell.

Facts About Sarajevo

Top Attractions

Winter Olympics Site

In 1984 Sarajevo hosted the Winter Olympics, but during the war, the site was abandoned and has become a popular tourist attraction.

Latin Bridge

The site of Franz Ferdinand’s Shooting which began the 1st World War. A must-visit for the history buffs.

Turkish Bazaar

Explore the tea houses (Caravanserai) and stalls in this traditional marketplace. The perfect place to while away an afternoon.

Yellow Bastion

A hillside fortress with important war cemetery and viewing point. Definitely worth a visit for views and history.

Main Districts

Cultural Hotspots

Sarajevo City Hall

Moorish city hall rebuilt after the war with interesting art collections.

National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina

19th-century museum exhibiting cultural artefacts. A definite visit for culture-lovers.

Ali Pasha’s Mosque

A beautiful Ottoman style mosque with courtyard and cemetery. A must-see!

Trips to Sarajevo