Honeymoon? Why not go backpacking…

Honeymoon? Why not go backpacking…

Backpacking Honeymoon

Here at Euroventure we’ve noticed an unexpected trend forming. While you might think interrailing and romance don’t necessarily mix, in the last year we’ve seen more and more couples opting to travel with us for the most important holiday of their lives… And they’re not alone – all over the world couples are swapping the all-inclusive resort for a backpacking honeymoon experience. Here’s 5 reasons why we’re digging interrail honeymoons for 2017…

1. Something different

Once upon a time newlyweds seemed to favour the all-inclusive style honeymoon. You’d sit on a beach for two weeks with a cocktail and talk about how great it is to be there. We agree it doesn’t sound bad, but it also sounds pretty much like every other holiday you’ve been on. Sure it’s more luxurious and exclusive, but what’s there to remember if all you do is sit around in a hotel? A few years later and all those lazy days will have blurred into one. Not so if you start your married life with a multi-country backpacking adventure! Experiencing a new place every few days, meeting locals and sharing experiences with other travellers – that’s what makes memories to last a lifetime.

2. What better time for an adventure?

Mot people aim to take a week or two off every year – but your honeymoon isn’t just any holiday. You’re at a point in your life where a lot is changing – maybe you’re thinking about changing jobs, buying a house or having kids. So before getting stuck into the next stage of life, why not take the opportunity to make this trip a big one! As we get older travelling gets harder – it’s not impossible, but jobs, mortgages and everything else can make taking more than a few weeks off a distant prospect. More couples than ever are throwing to the wind and travelling for the long haul…  what better way to start your life together than with an epic adventure!

3. Couples who travel together, Stay together

If you’ve not already found out, you’ll soon discover that travelling is one of the best ways to learn about your partner… You’ll be sharing new experiences every day – and even if things occasionally don’t go to plan on your travels you’ll come out stronger for it in the end. Backpacking can also a good way to take the pressure off your holiday together, since you’ll meet plenty of other travellers as you go. It’s great to spend time together but sometimes meeting other people can offer a nice change of mood, as well as some new perspectives on your destinations and experiences.

4. Spend less, see more

Life is expensive these days – and weddings are really expensive. If you’ve just got married, chances are money is gonna be a little bit tight for a while – backpacking gives you the perfect option to save money while making memories to last a lifetime. Although most people would shudder at the thought of honeymooning in a hostel, those in the know realise it can be an amazing chance to save money while meeting other travellers. Most hostels will have private rooms so you won’t have to sacrifice that much needed alone time even when you’re on a budget; many can be just as luxurious as hotels!

All our hostels are specially selected for their boutique facilities and awesome atmosphere, giving you the chance to celebrate the start of your new life in style. You can always throw in a few hotels to break it up and and inject a little bit of affordable luxury into your trip…

5. Keep it simple – skip the stress

Obviously when you’re planning a wedding the last thing you want to be doing is trying to sort out a massively complicated and expensive holiday. Backpackers keep it simple: work out where you’re headed, book a few hostels, pack your bag and get going. You can figure the rest out later. Think of it as a metaphor for life…

If that sounds too stressful, why not leave it in the hands of an expert? Having booked thousands of backpacking trips for our customers (and more than one backpacking honeymoon) we think we’ve pretty much nailed it (our customers think so too). Trust us to put together the best route, book all your trains and handpick all the nicest hostels or hotels. If that wasn’t enough, you can secure your booking with just a £150 deposit and pay in installments to make it affordable. Before you go you’ll get everything you need in one handy travel pack, complete with directions, travel tips and language guides for every city. Special requests? Just ask us and we’ll do our best to make your dreams reality.

For more info and packages, just email info@euroventure.com or call us on +44 (0) 1138198360


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