Top Interrailing Tips

Top Interrailing Tips

Heading off Interrailing this year? One thing that’s certain is you’re going to have an amazing time… but that doesn’t mean you won’t need a few pointers to make sure you make the most of your trip! Ensure you get the best of your time travelling with our Interrailing top tips:

DO pack some earplugs

Prepare to be blown away by the impressive power of you roommates’ snores. If the mighty drone of the next bunk hasn’t got to you by night one, it’ll certainly have tipped you over the edge by night twenty one.

Top tip: Take multiple pairs; they have an annoying habit of disappearing.

Not sure if hostels are for you? Have a read of our accommodation guide!

DON’T over-pack

Although your entire photo album might feature the same outfit, it’s a price worth paying for the hassle you’ll save. As tempting as it is to stuff your bag to its full capacity, you’ll regret those twenty t-shirts and that hairdryer whilst struggling from the station to the hostel.

Top tip: take some travel wash and you can freshen your wardrobe along the way. Want to stay stylish while packing light? Check out our travelling wardrobe hacks!

DO take a guidebook.

Luckily for you, if you’ve booked with Euroventure, you’ll have a personalised guide book with maps…

Top tip: Do a little research into the main places you want to see at each destination before you get there.

DO think carefully about cash and currencies.

A travel card is the simplest option to avoid carrying too much cash, but make sure you’re fully aware of what your card entails before you go.

Top tip: If you face charges for ATM withdrawal, try and get your money out in bulk or pay over the till with your card, especially outside the Euro-zone. Check out our budgeting guide for more!

DON’T forget about Sundays and national holidays.

Often the tourist information and most of the museums will be closed… So make sure you do your research to avoid disappointment!

DO consider a culture break.

Being a tourist is exhausting, especially a tourist travelling by trains. So consider slotting in a museum detox half-way through: maybe a day or two of shamelessly relaxing and soaking in the rays on a sandy beach. Or if you’re somewhere that’s lacking in coastline, why not spend the day in a pretty public gardens. You’ll thank us when you’re rejuvenated and ready for the next art gallery!

DON’T be fooled by tourist traps, especially those taxi drivers.

Be sure to have agreed an exact price before you travel by taxi, and make sure the meter isn’t obscured. Make sure you avoid scams on the street, just use your common sense!

Top tip: By staying strong and suggesting you’ll walk, you might find the taxi price suddenly plummets!

DO reflect on what season to travel in.

If it’s convenient to travel during June and September, it’s less likely you’ll be stood on by a sweaty tourist than in the height of the season. However, you are still guaranteed some sunshine.

Top tip: Research festivals and special events during your stay in each country so you don’t miss out on something major

DO think carefully about who you travel with.

Although Dave might be your best buddy, you know he won’t want to visit the Louvre before at least midday … whilst Jane wants to go to a Mozart concert in Vienna rather than the hostel bar for some beers. So try and go with friends sharing similar tastes, and think about the practicality of the number you travel with…

DON’T worry!

Relax and enjoy your trip; you’re guaranteed to have an absolutely incredible time.

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