Humans of Euroventure: Francesco Giorli

Humans of Euroventure: Francesco Giorli

In our fourth edition of Humans of Euroventure, we caught up with one of our Italian trip planners- Francesco Giorli. Some of you may recognise Francesco from our Italian team team as one of the friendly voices that help to plan your custom trips. We caught up about all things Italy!


What is your name and where do you come from?

My name is Francesco (or sometimes Federico for the colleagues ?), I’m 24 and I’m from a small town in Italy called Casole d’Elsa, among the beautiful landscapes of the Tuscan hills.

What led you to join with Euroventure?

I really wanted an experience abroad, not only to enrich my CV, but to grow as a person. I’ve never been abroad for more than a month and this was the perfect occasion to gain both work and personal experience. I was looking for an internship, and since I’ve always been fascinated by travelling, exploring new countries and learning from different cultures, I thought that Euroventure would be the perfect choice for me. I was also very interested in understanding the environment of a digital start-up from the working styles to how to manage these kind of companies.

What do you do back in Italy?

I’m a student, in the last year of my Masters Degree in “Accounting and Management”. Although I’m enjoining this period of my life, I’m really looking forward to finishing my studies and starting my career. In my free time I play football in the team of my hometown Casolese- It was very sad when I had to leave in the middle of the season to come to Leeds, but I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity!

How have you found your time in Leeds?

I couldn’t have been luckier (my girlfriend visited for only 3 days and always repeats this to me!). I still remember my first day where Kevin brought me and my flatmate Oliver to our first international night. We were very tired after an entire day of travelling to get here, but it was the best welcome ever! In the beginning I was a bit scared because I didn’t know how I would fit into the company, but after just one week all my worries had disappeared. I met so many friendly people- all of whom have different stories, and are so generous to share them with you. I would have never expected to find this kind of environment! The people in the office are much more than colleagues. I learnt a lot from each of them and I will always be so thankful for it.

What are your top tips for visiting Italy?

Of course my first tip is to visit all the most mainstream cities in Italy: Rome full of ancient history, Venice the City of Canals, the ultra-modern Milan and renaissance Florence.
My second tip is “take your time”. The main cities are great, but Italy has also many hidden gems. Explore and take day trips to see some of the most beautiful landscapes that we have, from the Cinque Terre Nationa Park, to the lovely Tuscan hills, full of vineyards.

My final advice is: enjoy the food, THE REAL ITALIAN FOOD! Every Place in Italy has its own signature dishes. Sometimes these can seem very simple, but I assure you that won’t be tasteless!

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