Berlin to Budapest Group Tour

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Backpacking Tour
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Tour Details

Route: Berlin Prague Vienna Budapest

Duration: 8 nights

Group Size: 5-20 people

Age Range: 18-35

Transport: All high-speed trains across Europe. Flights to and from the start and finish are not included.

Accommodation: 8 nights in top-rated hostels.

Activities Included: There’s a must-do included activity in every city on the trip. Check out the itinerary below to see the activities in each city.

Sustainability: This trip only creates 43kg of carbon emissions! To fly the same route would cost 317kg ♻️

Reviews:    All independent reviews

Tour Style

Our Berlin to Budapest adventure is an exhilarating 8-night journey through the heart of Europe. This high-speed rail tour lets you immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and history of four iconic cities. Travel with a dynamic group of like-minded individuals aged 18-35, embarking on a thrilling backpacking experience that combines comfortable stays in top-rated hostels with efficient public transport and the guidance of an experienced tour leader.

With two nights in each city, this tour offers the ideal balance between exploration and relaxation, allowing you to take in the essence of each destination without feeling rushed. You’ll enjoy an array of included activities that showcase the must-see highlights, as well as the flexibility to choose from optional excursions or indulge in self-guided adventures. This tour is the perfect way to soak up the best of Central Europe’s rich culture, stunning landmarks, and lively atmospheres.

Throughout your journey, your dedicated tour leader will ensure a seamless experience, from city-hopping to cultural insights, making sure you arrive safely and have the freedom to make the most of your European adventure. Euroventure take all the stress out of travelling so that you’re free to relax and enjoy your trip!

Tour Description

Over these eight unforgettable nights, you will traverse captivating destinations. Berlin, the capital of cool, awaits with its fascinating history, incredible culinary delights, and famous nightlife. Prague, the city that has emerged from behind the Iron Curtain, offers cultural richness, great beer and plenty to do when the sun goes down. Vienna, Austria’s enchanting capital, enchants with its imperial traditions and modern architecture. Budapest, the crown jewel of the Danube, is a magnificent city to explore day and night, known for its unique ruin bars, craft beers, and stunning architecture.

Your journey will be a mix of must-see landmarks, informative and entertaining included activities, and an array of optional excursions. You’ll experience the essence of Central Europe as you uncover historical sites, savor local cuisine, and immerse yourself in the distinctive atmospheres of each city.

Your dedicated tour leader will be your trusted companion, ensuring smooth transitions between hostels, train stations, and included activities. After eight unforgettable nights of traversing Central Europe together, you’ll leave with incredible memories and lifelong friends.

What's Included?


Berlin (2 Nights)

Your tour starts off in Berlin, where you’ll meet your tour leader and fellow travellers in the early evening in the hostel.

What to Expect:

Welcome to the capital of cool. Berlin, expect to immerse yourself in a city that’s bursting with artistic energy, eclectic neighborhoods, and a rich history. You can explore iconic landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate, wander through the vibrant streets of Kreuzberg, and savor street food at the Markthalle Neun. Berlin is a city that never sleeps, so get ready for legendary nightlife and a taste of its famous club scene. We’d also recommend a currywurst.

Included Activity:

Group Visit to the East Side Gallery Your trip kicks off with a visit to the East Side Gallery, the longest remaining stretch of the Berlin Wall. It’s a powerful symbol of unity and creativity.


Pub Crawl Embark on a Berlin Pub Crawl to discover the city’s legendary nightlife. Join fellow travelers on a tour of Berlin’s hottest bars and clubs.

  Street Art Safari: Explore the city’s vibrant street art scene in the alternative neighborhoods of Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain

TV Tower Visit the TV Tower for panoramic views of this captivating city. You’ll ascend to the top for breathtaking vistas and perhaps enjoy a meal in its revolving restaurant.

Train to Prague – 5 hours

Prague (2 Nights)

Prague, the enchanting city of a hundred spires, is waiting to captivate you! Get ready to explore a city where history, culture, and nightlife converge.

What to Expect:

In Prague, expect to be transported to a fairy tale. This city boasts stunning architecture, historic cobblestone streets, and a lively atmosphere. Discover the iconic Prague Castle, stroll along the Charles Bridge, and savor traditional Czech cuisine at charming local restaurants. As night falls, the city’s pubs and clubs come to life, offering unforgettable nightlife.

Included Activity:

Medieval Tavern Show: Dive into history with a Medieval Tavern show featuring a delightful 5-course meal and drinks…as well as belly dancers, wrestlers, fire and plenty more weird and wonderful delights!


Prague Castle: Explore the iconic Prague Castle and delve into its rich history. Don’t forget to allow a bit more time to wander around the grounds and admire the stunning view over the city!

  Nuclear Bunker & Communism Tour: Uncover the secrets of the Cold War with a visit to a Nuclear Bunker and an insightful Communism Tour.

  Beer Exploration: Czechs drink the most beer per capita in Europe – so it’s only right that you sample a few Czech Pilsner beers at the Old Town pub to learn your favorite.

Train to Vienna – 4 hours

Vienna (2 Nights)

Vienna, the city of music and imperial grandeur, is your next destination. Get ready for a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.

What to Expect:

In Vienna, expect to be charmed by its cultural richness. The city is a treasure trove of historic landmarks, cozy coffee houses, and wine taverns. Explore splendid palaces like Schönbrunn, savor authentic Wiener Schnitzel, or attend a classical concert in the city of music.

Included Activity:

Prater Park: Dive into the city’s vibrant energy with a visit to Prater Park, an iconic amusement park offering endless fun, thrills, the iconic Riesenrad Ferris wheel, and great views of the city.


  Schönbrunn Palace: Explore the opulent halls and manicured gardens of Schönbrunn Palace, a testament to Vienna’s imperial history and grandeur.

  Visit the Spanish Riding School of Vienna: Witness the grace and beauty of the Spanish Riding School, a testament to Vienna’s equestrian heritage.

  Musical Interlude: Immerse yourself in Vienna’s rich musical tradition by attending a classical concert in a city renowned for its musical heritage.

Train to Budapest – 3 hours

Budapest (2 nights)

And finally, Budapest. The enchanting jewel along the Danube River, promises an unforgettable ending to your group tour.

What to Expect:

Budapest beckons both day and night, offering a wide spectrum of experiences. Immerse yourself in its unique nocturnal world by exploring the hidden ruin bars scattered across Pest. These once-decrepit structures have been revitalized into independent restaurants, bars, and markets, serving some of the city’s finest food and drink – and the perfect place to say goodbye to your new friends.

If you’d like to have some extra time to explore Budapest, or to fit in with the most convenient flight times, then you can include a night of post-trip accommodation before heading to the airport the following day.

Included Activity:

 Szechenyi Baths: Immerse yourself in the luxurious Szechenyi Baths, a thermal oasis that’s been a local treasure for generations.


  Explore Budapest’s Eclectic Markets: Dive into Budapest’s quirky markets and shops, where you’ll discover unique treasures.

  Ruin Pub Crawl: Dive into the city’s vibrant nightlife with a Ruin Pub Crawl, where historic buildings find new life as bustling restaurants, bars, and markets.

  Visit the Hungarian Parliament: Marvel at the architectural marvel that is the Hungarian Parliament, a symbol of the city’s rich history and grandeur.