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Everything you need to know about Copenhagen

Quick facts

Location: Copenhagen, Zealand, Denmark
Language: Danish
Population of city: 763,908
Nearest airport: Copenhagen Airport
Main train/bus station(s): Copenhagen Central Station
Best time to visit? All year round
Budget level? £££
Best for: Landmarks, Romantic escapes, Art & Culture, shopping.

How long should I go for?

2-3 nights should be enough to explore this small but perfectly formed capital city. Of course, you can always find more to do if you do want to spend longer!

Getting there:

Copenhagen is well connected by train to Northern Europe as well as Germany and the Netherlands. This means it’s a bit of a bridge between the rest of Europe and Scandinavia. If you’re heading to Stockholm or Oslo, you’ll need to make a stopover in Copenhagen.


Top Attractions

Tivoli Gardens

A mix of theme park and gardens, Tivoli is a magical oasis right in the centre of Copenhagen. With interactive rides, family rides and even a few fit for the thrill seekers among you, there’s an attraction for everyone’s taste. Journey through time and space on Tik Tak or see the world from a different point of view on Vertigo. Once you’ve come down to Earth, relax in the Glass House Theatre Gardens, The Orangery or the The Pergola. Head to The Alley and step back in time to a Danish market town. This fantastical street showcases old fashioned shop signs, carousel horses and quirky tributes to historic Copenhagen.

Nyhavn Harbour

Nyhavn Harbour is probably the most photographed area of Denmark. Multi-coloured houses and restaurants line the waterfront streets of the harbour and bring a lively atmosphere to the old port. If you’re looking for a boat tour, Nyhavn is the place to start. Hop on board and explore the river, home to historic Danish ships and tiny fishing boats. The district really comes alive at Christmas, when it’s transformed into a winter wonderland. Check out the cafes for some festive food and Danish delicacies and browse the Christmas market for a seasonal Scandinavian souvenir.

Little Mermaid Statue

Inspired by the fairy-tale by Hans Christian Andersen, the Little Mermaid Statue has become one of Copenhagen’s most visited tourist attractions. Created by Edvard Eriksen, the statue’s face was modeled on ballerina, Ellen Price. The statue is easily reached from Copenhagen Old Town and is situated on a rock in the harbour.

Freetown Christiania

This hippie town is the ultimate stop for getting those all-important Instagram snaps. This abandoned military base was occupied by a group of hippies in 1971 and has since been transformed into an autonomous community, living completely independent of the Danish government. Once famous for its ‘green light district’, the area is now home to locals who abide by an eco-friendly, car free lifestyle. You even have to apply to live there! Dine in one of the quirky restaurants, sip a cocktail and listen to a scientific presentation or, head to Alis Wonderland. Join the locals, professional skaters and street artists who travel from around the globe to visit Copenhagen’s most famous skate-park.




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