Euroventure city guide


Euroventure city guide

Quick facts

  • Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Language: Lithuanian
  • Population of city: 542,664
  • Nearest airport: Vilnius International Airport
  • Main train/bus station(s): Vilnius Main Station
  • Best time to visit? Spring or Summer would be the best time to visit since the temperatures are milder and the days longer.
  • Budget level? £
  • Best for: Cheap Break, History, Architecture, City Break

How long should I go for?

We would recommend spending 1-2 days in Vilnius.

Top Attractions

Old Town

Home to cobbled streets, Baroque churches and a defensive wall, in the old town you will find many different architectural styles standing side by side.

Presidential Palace

The Presidential Palace serves as the Official office of the President. When the flag, above the building, of the President of Lithuania is lowered, this means that the President has left the country.

Gates of Dawn

One of Vilnius’ most visited attractions is the Gates of Dawn, since it is the last surviving gate of 5 original gates in the city wall.

Best Places To Go Out

  • Pabo Latino: The latin bar/club has 3 halls, 2 bars and an outdoor terrace to enjoy in Summer.
  • Salento Discopub: The friendly club is open every night of the week and plays music from a mix of local and international dj’s.
  • Bambalyne: With over a 100 sorts of Lithuanian Beer the beer cellar is a hotspot for beer drinkers

Getting There

Getting there:

Bus Services from Tallinn, Kaunas, Warsaw, St Petersburg, Riga and other destinations across Europe, run to and from Vilnius. There are also trains to St Petersburg, Moscow, Kaliningrad, and Minsk from the main station.

Getting around:

The old town can be explored on foot, however if you would prefer not to walk, buses and trolleybuses do connect areas throughout the city. When you change buses you need to buy a new paper ticket, and remember to validate your ticket when you get on.


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