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Packing List

We always say your interrail packing list should contain the same amount of stuff regardless of whether you’re going for one week or 10. A bold statement perhaps, but having done a lot of travelling, we’re talking from experience. Essentially, you should only pack the bare minimum – interrailing is the perfect time to make traveling light a habit! Don’t worry, if you need to wash something, every hostel has washing facilities, so you won’t be stuck for clean stuff. The only time you might need to change your list is if you’re heading somewhere with a very different climate from the rest of Europe (this packing list is not intended for Scandinavia in winter!).

Back to all practical help.

a green toothbrush on the bathroom counter


Sun cream, travel toothbrush and toothpaste, shower gel, basic first aid kit just in case, makeup, microfibre towel, hand sanitiser (call us paranoid but we like to be hygienic…).

Backpack and Suitcase with a Camera on top

Important Stuff

Euroventure travel pack, Passport, photocopy of your passport kept somewhere else, tickets and passes, EHIC Card, a padlock, money and a couple of bank cards, list of family/friend telephone numbers and insurance details.

a bunch of gadgets and important possessions layed out on table


Sun glasses, ipod/camera or phone that does it all, ear plugs, travel adapter, small combination padlock for hostel lockers, small bag for daytrips.