8 Easy Tips for Travelling Eco-Friendly

8 Easy Tips for Travelling Eco-Friendly

Travelling eco-friendly might take a little extra effort in the beginning but becomes natural very quickly. Not only does it benefit the environment and local economies but can save you some money and improve your overall travel experience! Here are 8 easy tips on how to travel green and make a positive impact!

1. Travel Overland

Taking the train, bus, or ship does mean less negative environmental impact compared to traveling by plane. Not only are you saving the environment in this way, but you’ll also get to see the changing countryside whilst reminiscing the experiences of your last destination and looking forward to the next!

2. Pack Light

Try to only bring essentials on your journey. Not only is it more convenient for your wallet, but also for your bones! Leave the hairdryer at home on your summer adventure or decide not to bring that sixth pair of shoes. Trust me, you won’t regret it! Click here for our Packing 101!

3. Walk and Bike

Walking and biking are the best ways to really discover a city or countryside whilst travelling. Besides- these transport methods save you money but help to avoid creating carbon emissions.

4. Buy Locally

Want to get the ultimate cultural insight? Visit stunning artisans markets, second hand clothing stores or the local bakery to get some unique, regional products rather than souvenirs made on another continent. Local people will appreciate it and it is an easy way to have a little chat and ask them more about their culture and way of life.

5. Avoid Plastic Bags

When shopping locally, bring your reusable bag or a small backpack to avoid plastic bags that take more than 500 years to degrade. Let’s be honest – plastic bags are sooo 2003 anyway…

6. Take Public Transport

Travelling by public transport is a great way to avoid creating any additional carbon emissions. Compared to taking a taxi, it easily saves you a lot of money and gives you the ultimate feeling of being a local!

7. Avoid Plastic Bottles

Just like plastic bags, plastic cups and bottles are becoming more and more unpopular as they can be a huge threat to the environment. It is safe to drink tap water in most European countries so you can easily save some money by carrying a reusable BPA-free bottle. Don’t want to miss out your daily coffee? Take some time to sit down in a café to enjoy your fuel for the day rather than taking it away in a plastic cup (or bring a travel mug). Nowadays, many coffee shops give you a small discount for avoiding takeaway cups and your beverage is guaranteed to remain hot for longer!

8. Enjoy Local Beer

Like having a beer in a local pub after a long day of exploring the city? So do we! Why not taste some unique craft beers instead of the usual choice that you can get almost anywhere in the world? The local brewery and the environment will thank you for that! Read more about Beer in Europe: Our Top Picks!

Take the first step towards travelling environmentally friendly and sustainable travelling and check out our interrailing packages or build your own trip with all trains and accommodation included!



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