Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Travellers

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Travellers

To the Euro-Centric – A Euroventure!

What better way to treat your Europe-obsessed loved one than with a continental adventure that they’ll never forget? We have all kinds of interrailing routes available, from quick getaways to Germany, to epic Pan-European trips. So whatever your budget, you’ll be sure to find the perfect unique Christmas gift!

Cost: You decide!

To the Worldly Collector – A Scratch Map

Got a friend or relative with a penchant for ticking things and places off their bucket list? How about gifting this scratch map? They’ll never forget where they’ve been, and their wandering eye will always be inspired! Gotta catch ’em all!

Cost: £22.95

To the Interrailer – A Backpack

As much as interrailing knows no bounds when it comes to luggage restrictions, who has time for lugging heavy suitcases around the whole continent? We thought so. So with a so-stylish-it-hurts backpack, we’re pretty sure you’ll have a fail-safe gift for your nomadic friend!

Cost: Around £60

To the Happy Snapper – A Polaroid Camera

What’s an adventure without memories? Treat your camera-crazy friend to lifelong instant photos, and you’ll forever be reminded of that weekend in Prague….a small price to pay for your travelling friend’s happiness!

Cost: £79

To the Lush – A Cocktail Travel Pack

Give the gift of boozy tidings with this travel-worthy set of mouth-watering cocktails – they’re as sophisticated as they are essential. With exotic ingredients from all around the globe, your sozzled friend will feel even worldlier!

Cost: £14.95

To the Power Worshipper – A Portable Phone Charger Wallet/Purse

If you know someone who’s constantly attached to a socket, or have a friend who’s forever running out of juice, this is the ideal gift. They can charge and stow their phone away while they’re on the move and will never have an excuse not to get back to you – win-win!

Cost: £39.95

To the Sloth – An Eye Mask

We all have a friend who could sleep anywhere: on stairs, standing up, on the move, in the bath. But we’re not all that lucky, so you’ll already know someone in need of an eye mask. You might consider it a luxury item, but trust us, it’ll make any long journey more bearable for snoozy travellers!

Cost: £7

To the Fashion-Conscious – City Map Accessories

They say that to know where you’re going, you have to know where you’re coming from. Well I guess we all know, but a nice bit of jewellery wouldn’t go amiss! Whether your friend has a favourite city, or wants to keep their homeland close to their chest, this collection has all kinds of handcrafted city-map gifts that are ideal for both guy and girls.

Cost: Around £26

To the Bookworm – A European Weekend City Guide

For the weekend wanderer in your life, these guides capture the best of what to do and where to go in their city of choice. Hidden-gem hunters will love the conciseness, and might even catch the travel bug again!

Cost: £16.99

To the Beach Bum – AquaVault

Practical gifts aren’t just for your parents; we all know a sun-worshipper, and we all know that the beach isn’t always the safest place to leave your phone knocking about in the sand. So someone rather clever invented the AquaVault, a portable mini-safe that clips onto beach furniture – easily the best way not to have your valuables pinched by sand bandits!

Cost: Around £27

Words by Karis Gumbs



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