Interrailing Perks

Interrailing Perks

Interrailing really gives you free reign of Europe. You can explore so many cities in such a short space of time, and still actually get to stay long enough to get a real flavour of your chosen destinations! How else could you wake up in Rome, spend the day wandering around Venice, and end up enjoying fresh croissants in Paris the next day?

2. Saving Money

Travelling by train is generally a lot cheaper than other modes of transport, and an Interrail Pass can save you even more money, especially on long journeys or during high season. Even travelling without a pass, you’ll often find it surprisingly cheap when you book your journeys in advance, so if possible, try to plan your trip in good time! You’ll be thankful when you can afford extra day trips!

3. Being Free

We honestly can’t think of a more flexible way to travel than interrailing. For journeys without a reservation, you can always change plans and take an earlier or later train if you prefer, so it’s no biggie if you miss one!

If you’ve gone rogue and haven’t arranged any accommodation at all, you’ll have total freedom as to where you go, too! Don’t fancy going to Barcelona anymore? Just pick up and go to Berlin instead!

4. Cutting out the Boring Bits

Practicality might not be the most interesting aspect of interrailing, but it just makes sense! Travelling by train cuts out the lengthy check-in process and potential frisking that you’d get at an airport, not to mention waiting around to actually catch the flight and any transfers. You’d also avoid any hefty baggage fees and restrictions, so you can load your bag up to your heart’s content if you like!

5. Making your Trip Easier

When you interrail, trains for most journeys are much more frequent than flights, so you could turn up at the station and be on the next train within an hour! Not only that, but most towns and cities have centrally located train stations, so you can walk to your hotel instead of having to pay extortionate taxi prices!

6. Meeting New People

Spending 6 hours in a train carriage with a bunch of strangers is far less tedious when you most likely all have one thing in common – getting excited about your interrailing travels! Who knows, you might even meet some fellow Euroventurers along the way, and make friends for life!

7. Cashing in on Freebies

With your Interrail Pass, you’ll get access to heaps of discounts and deals for your trip, including anything from food and drink, to entry tickets for attractions! Say hello to free pizza…

Not only that, but once your trip is over, you can send your travel report back to Interrail, and they’ll send you one of their free goodies. It’s a no-brainer!

8. Getting Comfy

Imagine spending hours on plane, squished between loud snorers, with children kicking the back of your seat, and the person in front of you fully reclined to the point that they’re lying on your knees…sounds hellish, right?

Now, imagine sipping on a glass of wine at the on-board bar while you stretch your legs and enjoy the view from your train window, before retiring to your couchette for the night. Yes, that’s right, an ACTUAL bed. There’s absolutely no comparison! Not only that, but you won’t have to worry about missing your stop, as train personnel come to tell you when you’re due to get off…so you can sleep to your heart’s content!

9. Taking it All in

Staring pensively out of the train window might just transport you into an old-worldy blockbuster drama. From rolling hills and craggy mountains, to colourful cities and serene lakes, the views you’ll get from interrailing will be far more original than the cloud pics all over Instagram. Revel in the romanticism of railing around stunning Europe and become a traveller, not a tourist!

10. Saving the Planet One Trip at a Time

For the green amongst you, you’ll be happy to know that aside from walking or cycling your way across Europe, interrailing pollutes far less than other modes of transport. CO2 emission for rail travel is 4 times less per person than travelling by plane, so do your bit to save the planet and interrail!

If you’ve been swayed to travel the only way we know how, take a look around our site and plan your interrailing Euroventure now!

Words by Karis Gumbs

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