Eastern Adventure: 4 Weeks

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Trip Details

Route: Berlin Krakow Prague Vienna Bratislava Budapest Belgrade Zagreb Split Dubrovnik

Duration: 26 nights

Transport: You’ll spend 25 nights in top-rated accommodation and one on a night train. The rest of the time you’ll travel by train or bus during the day.

Sustainability: This trip only creates 209 kg of carbon emissions! To fly the same route would cost 880.2 ♻️

Reviews:    All independent reviews

Alternative Durations

Timing not quite right? Check out these versions of the route. 

4 Weeks

Alternative Durations: Timing not quite right? Check out these versions of the route. 

4 Weeks

Trip Style

Embark on an Eastern European journey that combines unbeatable value with unforgettable experiences. Our 26-night Eastern Adventure offers an affordable way to discover the captivating cities of Eastern Europe at a leisurely pace. As one of our most budget-friendly month-long Interrailing options, this adventure promises a perfect blend of vibrant nightlife, rich cultural encounters, and delectable culinary delights.

From the historical charm of Prague to the vibrant energy of Budapest and the coastal serenity of Croatia, this adventure ensures you get the most out of your Interrailing experience without breaking the bank. Dive into the heart of Eastern Europe and relish the opportunity to unwind by the Croatian coast as the perfect finale to your journey.

Trip Description
Experience the less-visited side of Europe

On this route, you’ll get to take in the best of Eastern Europe essentials, exploring amazing countries that were off-limits until quite recently in Europe’s history. This great value near 4-week Eastern Adventure Europe interrailing trip covers a real mix of destinations from grand old cities to stunning Adriatic coastal towns. If you have some more free time, why not spread the same destinations out over 5 weeks or more?

Hit the ground running in bohemian Berlin, one of Europe’s most historically rich cities. With more incredible museums than you can shake a stick at, you’ll have plenty of the city’s history to explore! Wander around it’s streets and pass what was the border between Eastern and Western Europe before the Berlin Wall fell. Counter-balance the culture and history lessons with bar-hopping and partying at the city’s many clubs – from the edgy to the downright bizarre. If you’re lucky enough, you might even get into Berghain…

Then you’ll head to Krakow, Poland. Packed with imposing and impressive architecture, homely eateries and luscious green parks – there’s plenty to fill your days with. With the city’s natural beauty, it’s hard to believe that it’s also bursting at the seams with amazing and vibrant nightlife. Whilst there, be sure to take an unforgettable day trip to Auschwitz and Birkenau. We guarantee that it’ll be one of the most moving experiences you’ll ever have on your travels.

Next, head to magnificent Prague where you can soak up the fairy-tale atmosphere alongside plenty of cheap and locally-made beers. Then you’ll head to Vienna, the musical capital of Austria where coffee and cake reign supreme. A short hop across the border takes you to Bratislava to see its brilliant buildings and Disney-esque castles for yourself, before following the blue Danube as you make your way to the Hungarian capital of Budapest. Take a dip and relax in a thermal bath before sinking a glass of the local wine, Tokaji. You’ll appreciate some relaxation before carrying on the party at one of Budapest’s many Ruin Bars. The final port of call along the Danube is Belgrade, the capital of Serbia and one of Eastern Europe’s most interesting and underrated destinations.

Next up, you’ll head to Croatia, calling first at the vibrant capital of Zagreb, before heading South to the stunning city of Split perched on the shores of the Adriatic. Visit Krka National park or take a ferry across to Hvar or Brac islands for a relaxing day trip.

Finally, wind your way down to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Dubrovnik (home of Game of Thrones), where you can chill with a cocktail and watch the sun set on the trip of a lifetime!

What's Included?


Berlin (3 nights)

Begin your Eastern Adventure in Berlin, the epitome of edginess in Europe. Here, liberal attitudes, vibrant street art, skaters, BMXers, art scenes, clubs, and diverse culinary experiences converge. Berlin also immerses you in the captivating history of WWII, visible at every turn.


    Explore a section of the historic Berlin Wall

     Ascend the dome of the beautifully renovated Reichstag building

    Dive into the dynamic nightlife of Schoneberg and Kreuzberg

    Trains to Krakow – 10 hours

Krakow (3 nights)

In Krakow, history comes alive amid its impeccably preserved Old Town and the underground cellars hosting famous bars and clubs. Beyond the city, a somber yet important visit to the Auschwitz Concentration Camp reminds us of a poignant chapter in human history.


    Wander Europe’s largest medieval market square

    Capture the essence of Poland’s best-preserved city through your lens

     Delight in the ambiance of Gothic cellar bars, open till the late hours

    Night Train to Prague – 9 hours

Prague (2 nights)

Prague dazzles with its architectural splendor, featuring unique buildings adorned with vibrant details around every corner. The Czech Republic’s Pilsner beer finds its home here, with countless pubs and bars offering the opportunity to try one, or four.


    Stroll across the enchanting Charles Bridge

    Ascend the Petrin Lookout Tower for a breathtaking panoramic view

    Savor the rich flavors of Czech Pilsner beers in charming old town pubs

    Train to Vienna – 4 hours

Vienna (2 nights)

Vienna exudes elegance and sophistication, boasting a wealth of classical palaces and grand imperial structures. Whether you’re passionate about royal history or not, the grandeur of Vienna captivates all visitors. Don’t forget to explore its lively bars and culinary delights.


    Savor authentic Apple Strudel and Wiener Schnitzel

     Unwind by swimming in the pristine waters of the Kaiserwasser river

     Immerse yourself in the world of classical music with a concert in this renowned musical city

    Train to Bratislava – 1 hour

Bratislava (2 Nights)

Bratislava welcomes you with warm hospitality and affordability, as it remains undiscovered by mainstream tourism. This charming city, with its medieval allure, rivals its Eastern European counterparts in beauty but offers a quieter and cozier experience.


    Ascend to the 19th-century castle and enjoy a picturesque sunset

    Embark on a captivating night tour to admire Bratislava’s nighttime beauty

    Explore folk art treasures at Úľuv, a haven for traditional craftsmanship

    Train to Budapest – 3 hours

Budapest (3 nights)

Guarding the Danube River, Budapest showcases a diverse architectural landscape, spanning from Baroque to Art Nouveau. The city’s vintage trams and turn-of-the-century ambiance cast a nostalgic charm, inviting you to relax in its iconic thermal baths.


    Relax in the rejuvenating 15th-century thermal spas

    Capture panoramic views from the scenic Buda Castle

     Join the Sziget rock and indie festival, a summer highlight

    Bus to Belgrade – 9 hours

Belgrade (3 Nights)

The Serbian capital, Belgrade, promises a memorable experience with its all-night party scene and friendly atmosphere. Delve into history at the world’s largest Orthodox church or explore the bohemian town center, filled with artistic cafes and trendy foodie spots.


    Explore the 18th-century Belgrade Fortress

    Wander the charming cobbled streets of Skadarlija

     Experience the unique atmosphere of floating on the Danube’s splavovi party boats

    Bus to Zagreb – 6 hours

Zagreb (2 Nights)

Zagreb, a city adorned with flowers and fountains, offers a Mediterranean ambiance year-round. Enjoy its rich cultural scene during the day, then revel in lakeside parties at night. In winter, scenic tram rides lead to hiking and skiing opportunities.


    Capture a 360-degree view from the Lotrščak Tower

    Stroll through the picturesque Mirogoj Cemetery

    Sip coffee in Kino Europa, Zagreb’s oldest cinema

    Bus to Split – 5 hours

Split (3 Nights)

Situated elegantly between the Adriatic Sea and mountains, Split is more than a port city; it’s a treasure trove of UNESCO World Heritage sites, a marble waterfront promenade, and a vibrant bar scene.


    Marvel at the magnificent ruins of Diocletian’s Palace

    Admire the cityscape as you approach Split from the sea

    Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the glittering waterfront

   Bus to Dubrovnik – 5 hours

Dubrovnik (2 Nights)

Dubrovnik, a true pearl, enchants with its marble streets and Baroque architecture. This medieval city, perched along the Adriatic, has an undeniable charm to it, and is the perfect place to watch the sunset on a trip of a lifetime.


    Wander through the enchanting streets of the walled Old Town

    Embark on a day trip to the stunning Mostar in Bosnia

    Sip cocktails as the sun sets at the Troubadour Jazz Café

How to get there

The quickest way to get to and from the UK will be to book a flight. Travelling by train from the UK to Berlin could also work, but travelling back by train/bus from Dubrovnik will take you a long time so bear that in mind!

Need to fly back from Split instead? No problem – you can add the return bus journey to Split at check-out, just make sure you’ve allowed yourself enough time to get there and check in (the bus is around 5 hours).