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Travel Responsible. Travel Green.

As one of the world’s first carbon negative travel companies, we understand our responsibility and duty in helping to tackle the climate emergency the globe currently faces. Many people have a false-idea that being greener means having to lose out or give something up – we can show you why that simply isn’t the case with our flight-free trips and routes.

Without even getting started on the hassle of airports, travelling by train is one of the greenest methods of transport there currently is, and the train network in Europe is one of the most environmentally friendly in the world. It makes sense to take advantage of this.

To give you an example, taking a Eurostar from London to Paris can cut your CO2 consumption by up to 90%. The Eurostar isn’t just efficient in terms of saving carbon, but you can be in mainland Europe and get your trip truly underway in just a couple of hours – whether you’re heading to Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam.

In fact you’ll be surprised at just how far afield you can go without the need of flying. Take a trip to Russia, travelling through the best of Western, Northern Europe and then Eastern and Central Europe as you loop back home. Or maybe you fancy a slower-paced trip by sailing around Croatian islands?

Whatever you fancy, there’s something for everyone without any need to even think about flying. So be responsible and check out our flight free trips today!

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