Euroventure city guide


Euroventure city guide

Everything you need to know about Sorrento

Famous for its golden sandy beaches and mouthwateringly good limoncello!

Sorrento is the perfect place to unwind and get a taste of that dolce vita. With a couple of nights here, be sure to take a tour of the beautiful cloisters and cathedrals before popping to a liqueur tasting to cool off!



Quick facts

Location: Southwestern Italy just by Naples on the Sorrentine Peninsula.
Language: Italian
Population of city: 16,500
Nearest airport: Naples International Airport
Main train/bus station(s): Sorrento Train and Bus Stations (which happen to be right by each other!)
Best time to visit? Late March to mid-June is the best time to go to catch the best part of the city’s natural beauty and glorious weather!
Budget level? ££
Best for: Scenic, Beach, Romantic Escapes, Excursions & Day Trips

How long should I go for?

Sorrento is equally the perfect place for both a quick energy pick-me-up or a long and lazy week of soaking up the sun!

Top Attractions

Chiostro di San Francisco

A gorgeous 14th century monastery like this deserves to be visited! The cloisters are not only a serene hideaway to rest your weary bones, but also play host to concerts and theatrical performances from time to time.

I Giardini di Cataldo

What’s a trip to Sorrento without a little limoncello? This mini citrus grove is probably the most well-known in the city and is open to tours and tastings in its gardens and factory.

Sorrento Cathedral

This Romanesque-style 11th-century cathedral is brimming with glowing marble alcoves and rich works of art by Italian painters like Nicola Malinconico and Giacomo del Po.

Amalfi Coast

The picturesque, sparkling coast of Sorrento.

Getting There

The city is well-connected to the rest of Italy by train or ferry, whilst also being within easy reach of Pompeii and Vesuvius for day trips!


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