Euroventure city guide


Euroventure city guide

Quick facts

Quick facts:

  • Rough location of city Northern Croatia
  • Language Croatian
  • Population of city 170,017
  • Nearest airport Zadar Airport
  • Main train/bus station(s) Zadar Coach Station
  • Best time to visit? July and August are Zadar’s peak season, however temperatures are mild for most of the year
  • Budget level? ££
  • Best for City Break, History, Seafood

Top Attractions

Sea Organ

Designed by Nikola Bašić, the Sea Organ, along with the greeting to the sun, are iconic works of art found along Zadar’s waterfront. Strolling along the western bank, you might be confused by strange sounds and faint music. These are created by the 35 pipes, controlled by the waves, that make up Zadar’s Sea Organ. On a sunny day, you’ll find tourists and locals gathering near to the steps, relaxing next to the installation.

Monument to the Sun

The Greeting to the Sun was also created by Basic and is made up of 300 solar panels. Integrated into the pavement, this installation is a representation of the solar system. At night time, the artwork lights up to provide a light show, designed to emulate Zadar’s stunning sunset. Sit back and relax with a cocktail at a waterfront bar and watch the show, set to the tune of the Sea Organ.

Church of St Donatus

This Byzantine style Church is an incredibly important Croatian cultural monument. It stands on the remains of the Roman forum, dating back to the 9th century. The Church has not held religious worship for over 200 years and has been repurposed as a military storehouse, wine cellar and archaeological museum across the ages. This historic landmark is now used as Zadar’s main concert venue.

Getting There

Getting There:

Many people arrive into Zadar by bus, there are buses from many of Croatia’s major cities including Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb. From Zagreb you can also get a train to Zadar, however this takes much longer than the bus. From Ancona in Italy there are night ferries which run to and from Zadar in the months of June through to August.

Getting Around:

Bike is a popular mode of transport in Zadar, there are marked bike baths on many pavements. There are also a few bus routes, you can buy tickets before you get on the bus, and make sure to stamp your ticket when you get on.


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