A Vegetarian travel guide to Europe…

A Vegetarian travel guide to Europe…

Vegetarian travel in Europe – our top picks from Europe’s foodie favourites:

Once upon a time, being a veggie (or even worse, vegan) while Interailing was nothing short of a nightmare – charcuterie and steak were all around, and you were stuck with nothing but a bowl of cabbage to see you through Eastern Europe. Thankfully that has changed as more and more of us embrace the deliciousness of veggie food – so to help you out on your vegetarian travels, here’s Euroventure’s guide to some of the best veggie and vegan spots in Europe!

Paris – Soya (11th)

France can be one of the hardest places on the continent to source decent veggie food, but thankfully even our carnivorous gallic friends are beginning to open up to new ways of eating. The chic and stylish Soya serves up a wide selection of delicious veggie and vegan treats, for example vegetable lasagne and courgette gratin, all in a communal and friendly atmosphere. Definitely worth seeking out, especially as it’s right in the heart of Paris’ restaurant and bar scene.

Prague – LoVeg

Being veggie shouldn’t mean you’re stuck with tomato pasta while travelling – part of the joy of interrailing is trying the interesting local cuisine you’ll be exposed to. That’s why LoVeg is great – as well as some veggie and vegan staples such as falafel burgers, it also offers a range of traditional but veggie Czech dishes. Considering Czech cuisine used to centre around deep fried breaded meat and cheese, this is definitely a great place for veggies and vegans to try something traditional while interrailing!

Budapest – Olive Tree Hummus Express

The name gives you a clue to what you’re in for at this Middle Eastern Eatery. But while there’s no shortage of Hummus places in Budapest (Hummusbar is another great one), this has to be one of the best. Situated just up the road from Opera metro station, Olive Tree serves enormous bowls full of delicious homemade hummus, falafel, tabbouleh and other treats, alongside freshly baked pitta bread. Staff are happy to advise on veggie and vegan options and the price is pretty hard to beat too, with plenty of meals available for under £5.

Rome – Origano & Verde Pistacchio

While it’s not a specialist vegetarian restaurant, Origano is an excellent Italian restaurant serving a great range of veggie dishes. Italian food has such a variety of delicious vegetarian fare (think fresh mozzerella, delicious bread and olive oil and glorious salads) that you can’t go too far wrong, but this one is a particularly good place to start. Great service, buzzing atmosphere and most importantly amazing food make this a must visit when in Rome. For somewhere with more emphasis on the Vegan friendly, head to Verde Pistacchio – a chic establishment serving loads of organic and plant based delights.

Krakow – Bal

Fresh, affordable and stylish, this Krakow restaurant is just around the corner from the Schindler Museum. It’s a great place to chill with a coffee, with plenty of reading material, free wifi and a relaxing vibe, not to mention the variety of delicious veggie-friendly food options – for example their tasty Hummus sharing platter. It’s a little bit tucked away, so you might need to ask for directions, but Bal is certainly worth the hunt.

London – Sagar (Covent Garden)

Veggie food doesn’t have to be the same everywhere – try this Covent Garden restaurant for something different. Keralan Cuisine comes from the hot climes of Southern India, and aside from being incredibly delicious, it also happens to be mostly Vegetarian. So if you fancy going somewhere where you can order whatever you like from the menu without worrying, try Sagar. From Dosas to Dhal to Uthappams (a kind of Indian pizza) there’s a huge amount to choose from, and lunchtime deals start from just £3.50!

Berlin – Mercosy

Korean food isn’t always the most veggie friendly, with steak and pork featuring high up on most menus, however Korea’s national dish makes up for this shortfall in spades: it’s called Bibimbap, and the world is going crazy for it.

If you’ve not yet come across this delicious pot of goodness, welcome to the light. Bibimbap is a mixture of veg, sticky rice, tofu (or meat if you so wish), a raw or fried egg and chilli sauce, all served in a sizzlingly hot dish so it continues to cook as you eat. There’s an etiquette to this though, so don’t just dive in. First, stir all the ingredients together, then allow to sizzle temptingly for a few minutes to finish the cooking. Then… get stuck in.

To sample this delicious staple, you can’t go wrong with Kreuzberg’s Mercosy. At lunchtimes you can get yourself a cup of miso soup, any bibimbap and an iced tea for just 6.50e. Bargain.

This is just a selection of the deliciousness Europe has to offer, with a growing market for all kinds of Veggie and Vegan cuisine. Why not start your vegetarian travel adventure today with Euroventure? Explore all the delights of Europe’s foodie scene – take a look at our packages below to find out more!




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