The Euroventure Phrasebook

The Euroventure Phrasebook

So whilst we’re fully aware that it’s not April the 1st for a while, here at Euroventure, we like to make time for funny business all year round.  So, take a look at our helpful guide to the humorous translations you definitely should be learning before jetting off on your next European adventure…


Paris may be known as the city of luuurve, but here we have some alternative dialect worth attempting to pronounce to your companion should you find yourself in France. Ooh-la.

 Avoir le cafard

Meaning: To feel blue

Translation: To have the cockroach

Er, I think we’ll just stick to the snails and baguettes, thanks…

Les carottes sont cuites

Meaning: The carrots are cooked

Translation: The outcome of the situation cannot be changed

Well, that’s carrots for ya!

Devenir chêvre

Meaning: To become a goat

Translation: To be driven mad

It was the last straw.


Goat talk aside, here are a few German words to ruminate over while enjoying your sauerkraut and bier…


Meaning: Someone who can’t do anything right

Translation: Ass violin

Perhaps the best insult of all time? The mental image is burned into our retinas. 


Meaning: Turtle

Translation: Shield toad

It’s official, we’re going to start calling turtles ‘shield toads’ from now on. Amazing.


Meaning: Gums

Translation: Tooth meat

What’s for dinner mum? Tooth meat. Oh ok…

*deepbreath* Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung

Translation and meaning: Speed limit.

…Quite the mouthful, but yep, really.


Italians are known for their passionate nature, but to mix things up a touch, we’ve thrown together a few not so sweet nothings. You don’t have to thank us…

Fare la gatta morta

Meaning: Play dumb

Translation: Do the dead cat

Is that some kind of dance?

Trattare a pesci in faccia

Meaning: Disrespect

Translation: Treat you with fishes in your face

What a load of codswallop!

Andare a letto con le galline

Meaning: Go to bed early

Translation: Go to bed with the chickens



Looking for a cheesy one liner with a difference, then look no further…

Boa como o milho

Meaning: Sexy

Translation: Good like corn

One hell of a pulling line, no? 

Engolir sapos

Meaning: To bite one’s lip

Translation: To eat crow

Count me in!

Vai pentear macacos

Meaning: Mind your own business

Translation: Will comb monkeys

Will I though? Will I?

 Yup, so there we have it, a quick round-up of seriously awesome translations well worth jotting down. Whether you’re looking for a sassy comeback, a line to charm the ladies or a just good party trick while abroad, we’ve done the hard work for you. The only thing left to do now is to put those words to good use before your next Euroventure holiday. Speaking of that, what you waiting for?

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