Why book a group tour?

Four reasons to travel Europe on a group tour

Our new 2019 Group Tour routes and dates are now live! And you can secure your spot for just £150pp… So what better time to talk about the benefits of travelling on a group tour.

With so many different destinations, routes, and transport options on offer, it can be quite daunting trying to plan a backpacking trip across this buzzing and vibrant continent – especially if you’re a solo or first time traveller! So, if you’re thinking of booking a group tour, rest assured – Blogger Sarah Hodgson is here to give you four great benefits of travelling with a group tour.

Lucky for you, there’s a really easy way to make your European backpacking dreams a reality with minimal effort – by letting someone else organise your trip! Not only do group tours provide an easy way to see a whole bunch of exciting places all at once, but they also provide the chance to do it with a load of other like-minded travellers. Perfect if you’re a bit nervous about travelling alone, or just fancy meeting some new friends along the way!


Interested? Here’s why you should give it a try:

Each group tour covers a great range of destinations

Europe has such a huge variety of exciting destinations to visit, and a group tour is a great way to tick off multiple bucket list destinations in one go! Can’t decide which bits of Europe you want to see? Why not check out our guide to our top European destinations – we’ve based it on four types of traveller so you can see which type fits your personality best!

Luckily, there is a huge selection of tours to choose from that cover a wide range of countries in Europe – so you can choose the perfect one for you. Most tour companies will offer different lengths of a trip to suit your timeframe and budget, as well as different styles of trip depending on what you have in mind for your adventure. Some companies offer coach tours which can be a great budget option, but a bit overwhelming if you’re a solo traveller. If you’re looking for small group trips (with 5-18 people), Euroventure offers a few to choose from. From the picturesque architecture and cool, hipster bars of the Central Europe tour, to sunny cityscapes on the Italy tour. Why not go the whole hog and see it all on the Whole of Europe tour if you can’t decide which you’d prefer!

All the important stuff is booked for you before you go

A massive benefit of choosing to go on a group tour is that all of the important bits are organised for you, including travel, accommodation, and activities, so you don’t have the hassle and stress of booking it all yourself. Any problems you might come across while you’re away can be resolved by your group leader – meaning more relaxation time for you! It also means you might discover new sights and activities that you wouldn’t have discovered on your own.

Each group tour with Euroventure includes:

All transport tickets (some trips include Eurostar to and from London – so no airport queues!), accommodation in top-rated, centrally located hostels for the full backpacking experience, must-do activities in each destination including tours, day trips, sights and attractions, 24 hour public transport card in every city and a dedicated tour leader throughout the whole trip!


You get the best of both worlds, with a mix of group and solo travel

One of the best things about going on a group tour is that it gives you the best of both worlds as a solo traveller. Both group activities and personal time are accounted for in the itinerary. It’s best to check the itinerary of your selected tour to see what the balance of alone/group time will be. Then pick according to your own preference! On our group tours, you’ll travel the cities and countries together and have time to hang out in each place, but there are free days when you can explore on your own – perfect if you’re like us and want a bit of time to explore independently!

Make friends with other travellers from all over the world as you go

If you’re a bit nervous at the thought of travelling across Europe on your own, then group tours are a fantastic way to do it. You’ll have the comfort of knowing you’ll be with other, like-minded travellers along the way. Not to mention having a tour leader on hand to Euroventure group tours are catered for travellers aged 18-28 and include between 4-16 people, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to be travelling with a group of people just like you – as well as making loads of international friends!

Written by Sarah Hodgson.


Has Sarah got you wanting to book one of our tours? Check out our full range of tours, coming soon, and find one that best suits you. 

If a group tour isn’t your thing, but you’re looking for guidance on how to plan your trip – look no further! Head to our help section where we’ve got articles on everything from the best way to travel Europe, to how to find accommodation and how to sort your transport. Or, just head to all our help articles to find what you need.

Sarah lives in Leeds and loves to write down all her funny, ridiculous stories and hopefully useful travel tips she’s picked up along the way – sharing them in a blog for everyone (mostly her mum) to see. You can read about Sally’s adventures and see what’s on her bucket list at www.anorthernexplorer.com, or follow her on Twitter and Instagram 


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