Euroventure city guide


Euroventure city guide

Everything you need to know about Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is an absolute pearl with its wonderful marble streets and Baroque buildings, totally recovered after being bombed in 1991. You won’t be anything but awe-struck at its beauty, a medieval city perched against the Adriatic and positively beaming with charm.

Quick facts

  • Rough location of city: Dubrovnik, Dalmatia, Croatia
  • Language: Croatian
  • Population of city: 120k
  • Nearest airport: Dubrovnik airport
  • Main train/bus station(s): Dubrovnik main bus station (outside the main city).
  • Best time to visit? If you can, avoid high season as prices skyrocket and availability is low. September-October and April-May are great times to visit.
  • Budget level? £££

Top Attractions

Game of Thrones film locations

Dubrovnik has always been a bucket list destination for many travellers, but Game of Thrones has led to a whole new wave of visitors, flocking to see their favourite filming locations. Wander the walls of the Red keep at Lovrijenac Fort, Head up to Fort Bokar to stand on the walls of Kind’s Landing and retrace Cerci’s steps down the infamous Jesuit staircase by St. Ignatius Church. With 16 major filming locations littered around the old town, you’ll spot them as you go, making it a must-see destination for any Game of Thrones fans.

Dubrovnik Cable Car

Dubrovnik is a beautiful city regardless of where you see it from, but for the best possible view head up Dubrovnik’s cable car and see it from above. Originally built in the 60s, Dubrovnik’s cable car takes you up to the top of Srd hill to the site of the old imperial fortress. From here you’ll be treated to stunning view of the old town below, surrounded by the glistening Adriatic Sea. With views stretching over 60km, this stunning panorama is not to be missed.

Beaches in on the Lapad Peninsula

Just a 40 minute walk, or 10 minute cab journey from the old town will take you to the Lapad Peninsula. Lapad as a much more laid-back vibe to it and is home to many of the most popular beaches in Dubrovnik. Lapad bay itself has several secluded beaches, sucked into rocky coves hidden under pine trees. Head over to the Babin Kuk for some of the beaches that are more popular with the locals. the most popular of which being Copacabana beach, lined with bars, cafes and fruit stalls.

Lokrum Island

Just a 10 minute boat ride from Dubrovnik’s old town will take you to the idyllic Lokrum island. Numbers on the island are limited so it’ll never be too crowded, but it’s best to get in there early so you don’t miss out. With a 11th century monastery and an ancient palace, there’s plenty of history on this island, and a botanical garden growing tropical fruit make it an incredible place to explore. There are plenty of beaches and secluded bays, providing plenty of opportunities to go for a dip in the crystal blue water.

Best places to go out

Inside thhe city walls, you’ll find some amazingatmospheric bars and clubs to explore. Alternatively, head to one of the beach clubs on the seafront for a more laid back setting. A few bars we’d recommend seeing are:

  • D’Vino
  • Buza
  • Culture Club Revelin
  • Cave Bar More

Main Districts

The Old Town

The ancient old town, inside the city walls is where you’ll probably spend most of your time. You’ll find most of the hsitorical buildings and Game of Thrones filming sites here. It does tend to be very expensive though, so we’d recommend heading outside the city walls for dinner.

New Town

Just outside the city walls, here you’ll find more of the modern city of Dubrovnik, and spots more popular with locals. Here you’ll find plenty of bars, restaurants and modern shops. This will probably be the first part of town you’ll see as the bus station is here.

Lapad and Babin Kuk

This more laid back part of town is where you’ll find most of the beaches as well as a few chilled bars and restaurants. Again, more popular with locals, head here to miss the crowds and switch off for a bit.

Culture Spots

Dubrovnik Cathedral

This 12th Century Romanesque Catholic cathedral is truly a sight to behold. Legend has it, this was commissioned by Richard the Lionheart, who was shipwrecked in Dubrovnik in 1192 and built the cathedral to thank God for his life. Having been destroyed by an earthquake and then rebuilt in the 17th century, the cathedral remains one of the most iconic spots in Dubrovnik’s old town.

Church of Saint Blaise

A large Baroque church in the heart of the old town has become one of the city’s most culturally significant sites. Originally built during the Venetian era as a monument to Saint Blaise, the patroon Saint of Dubrovnik. The church is filled with Romanesque artwork and has a wide terrace that makes a great place to watch the world go by.

Dominican Monestary

The Dominican Monastery was built at the same time as the city walls that surround Dubrovnik and blends in nicely with it. The monastery consists of a small, Roman Catholic church, and a beautiful cloister, surrounding a courtyard filled with plants. It is also home to an impressive art collection, celebrating some of the impressive art produced in Dubrovnik throughout the 15th and 16th centuries.


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