Central Europe or Eastern Europe

Central Europe or Eastern Europe Group Tours: Which one is best for you?

It's great to travel in a group

Looking to travel in 2021 after being stuck at home for most of 2020? Maybe exploring more was one of your New Year’s resolutions, but you haven’t had the time to act on it just yet. Why not have a look at two of Euroventure’s most popular group tours, our Eastern Europe & Central Europe Group Tours?

Fancy travelling across Europe from Germany to Croatia, passing through the beautiful scenery countries like Austria have to offer? Then one of those trips is meant for you… Let’s find out which so you can book your next adventure! 


If you’ve always wanted to travel across Europe and see the most famous landmarks this amazing continent has to offer, then this trip is for you! Perfect for first-time travellers, you’ll see the best the continent has to offer. Start your trip in London and spend up to three nights with your group in five of Europe’s most famous capital cities before finishing your trip on a magical gondola ride in Venice.  Fill your days with unmissable included activities, as well as a library of optionals informed by local guides. You’ll make memories for years to come! 

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If an adventurer and want to explore some of Europe’s hidden gems, then this three-week-long trip is perfect for you! With your group and personal guide, you’ll travel from Berlin all the way to Split, passing through cities such as Vienna, Budapest and even Sarajevo! Immerse yourself in the culture of Europe’s Eastern cities and take in the beautiful surrounding scenery: From mountains to oceans, bustling markets to quiet street corners, the Eastern Europe Group Tour is the perfect blend of nature and big cities! 

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Want to find out more? Check out our Central Europe and Eastern Europe Group Tours.

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